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Ok no prob

Yeah like half a inch bro, just guy one your finger knuckles and dent the soil some basically drop the seed in sprout down and cover lightly and don’t water either I just keep it lightly moist with a spray bottle on mist setting

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After you germinate your seed and plant it, on average how long does it take to sprout

I just planted a White widow seedling about 7 yesterday morning. The Taproot was about half an inch and I’m wondering how long you think before it sprouts?

1-7 days…should be more like 2-3 though. This is not exact science. They are living things they do what they want to some degree. All you need is moisture and darkness to germinate a seed. You can mimic these conditions with a paper towel. You can also go straight into the dirt. You can soak and go straight into the dirt. You can soak and go into the paper towel.

There is no wrong way here as long as it’s moist and dark. I personally soak for 24 hours then straight into the dirt they go. I don’t care if they have cracked, opened, shown tail, etc. Doesn’t matter. The point of the soak is to speed up the process of hydrating the seed. Good luck friend.

Any more questions fire away.

These things are very forgiving if you are working with good genetics, don’t drown them, and have decent lighting.

I’m already in the dirt like I said it sprouted a tail about half an inch and then I planted it. I’m just trying to figure out how long on average before it sprouts?

Like I said 1-7 days, heard up to ten. 2-3 would be average.

How deep did you plant. I’ve had to gently excavate seeds that I planted too deep. I wouldn’t even consider that til 5 days in at a minimum though.

Thanks for the info

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I planted about a quarter inch deep. Not deep at all. Probably not even a quarter inch. I put a dent in the soil with my knuckle put the seed in and then sprinkled so e dirt over top

Should be popping up for you any time now

I hope so