Having difficulty on the forum?

I have been unable twice in the last week to upload an image in a particular thread. I also was getting the “0% loaded” message. I was however able to post it in a different thread and create a link to it in the original thread. I put it in the “can’t upload pics” thread, like this:

Here is one such thread where it failed.

You should actually be able to do a PostgreSQL query for inserts into the “47853” table and see what the error was. Without directly looking, my first thought would be the database is timing out because of iowait. That, or the database needs vacuuming pretty bad. The latter can cause the former.

Other minor notables:
The quote button popup no longer appears when I highlight text. However, if I scroll to the bottom and hit reply, the quote will still be inserted.
Often I am seeing a long delay (as much as 30 seconds) between posting a reply and seeing it appear.