Have you had an auto that's really a photo?

Good luck my friend, set to watching, wish u the best

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variegated cannabis leaves are quite cool looking and while uncommon its not unheard of


Nice pic, thanks for sharing :+1:

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Somewhere between the Atlantic and Alabama :grin:


I have cannabis growing books not an atlas…:joy::joy::joy:…joking

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Damn dude… yea she’s revegging. U see the leaf branches growing out of buds? Not good

i was about to ask you exactly what you’re seeing to say that and BOOM there ya are. my man.

and… well sheeeeit. but i guess we already knew that, right? still apparently doesn’t make her a photo! drat.

le sigh. :sweat:

if i’d cued into this early coulda flipped her faster and been done before the new year. learn learn learn. now she’s even outgrowing her 10 gallon mansion.

Dp u see leaves branching out of the budsites in person? Much easier to evaluate urself since u can rotate and pull stuff

Im just going off the progressions weve been watchin

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i mean… i think i do? that’s why i’d posted a pic of the closeup a few days back. but sugar leaves also grow out of buds. so it’s kinda confusing to an inexperienced eye. and i swear she’s been in “preflower” for 8 weeks, so it all makes sense.

tryin to schedule the contractors to get out here next week and put my second gate up in the side yard and that should give her cover.