Have you ever seen the back of a $20 bill…..on weed man?

@TLC @PurpNGold74 @ConcreteBudz @MidwestGuy @pr @Newt @kellydans @2GreenThumbs Hey guys, I’m starting my first hydro grow soon and wanted to invite y’all for the ride and maybe pick your collective brains along the way. To start I am going with Blackberry Kush by ILGM and Pineapple Express by Scott’s Seeds. The BB Kush sprouted from the Root Riot on 1/28/22 and I the P. E. is in the Rockwool cube after sprouting it’s taproot last night.

Found a DIY setup on YouTube using an ebb and flow method.


Im not a hydro guy, but glad to watch and learn.


Someone else with a ILGM Sticker. You know it has been a point of contention between the with and without seed buying members. Looks like fun. I know nothing about hydro.


Hey thanks for the tag ! I use the same light an dome to start seedlings. I have found by raising my seedlings up a little By adding something in the bottom of the tray will take some of the stretch out . Good luck my friend !:v:


@kellydans appreciate the tip. Can’t believe I never thought of that!


I’ve had good luck with mine usually after about 10 days I move seedlings to tent.


Along for the ride brother :popcorn:

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I am set to watch this journey

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Count me in. And good luck!


I’ll pull up a seat :+1:


im here too.

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I’m gonna sit back and watch :eyes: :grin:

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Hey guys, just wanted to give you guys an update on my first hydro grow. My seedlings are coming along great. I have 1 Blackberry Kush - (ILGM) and 2 Pineapple Express - (Scott’s Seeds) that popped. My original ebb and flow setup can only accommodate 2 plants and the stoner in me decided (while waiting for these seeds to germinate) to build a modular bucket system that I can add or subtract however many plants I want to do. So, supplies and fertilizer should get here later today and soon I will have pics to follow. In the meantime, enjoy some money shots from my other grows. I appreciate all of you guys following along on this journey.

•Bruce Banner #3 - (msln)• •Bag seed in back•

@PurpNGold74 you were right about the massive colas

•Zkittlez - (ILGM)• front
•Skywalker OG - (Scott’s Seeds)• in back

•Old M.A.C.Donald - (Grassman Genetics)•


looking great, I see the cat is on guard lol


Nice plants like the set up


Thanks man. I still have about another 2 weeks till I harvest my Bruce Banner # 3’s. They start week 8 of flower Sunday. Then I can move my babies to the 2x5 to start the hydro grow. My setup has transformed from an ebb and flow to a RDWC. I’ll have some pics a little bit later on. I’m hoping to start my Durban Poison in a few more weeks when I have some more room.


I’m here been out of pocket and busted my phone.

@HappyHydroGrower Yeah man, I kinda figured that on your setup. For some reason I’ve got it in my head that everything should drain, but I’m thinking of an ebb and flow. My seedlings will be transplanted soon and I’ll have some pics. I appreciate any advice or tips.

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Mine is more of an rdwc undercurrent flowing system. A lot of folks here use the top water feed system where mine is all undercurrent.

I can also get away with 1.5” pvc feed and 3/4” returns. I’ve never had a problem with roots clogging the system because the way it’s design. Not to mention, I’m usually in there pretty regularly so I just keep an eye on them.

My tap water ppm’s is usually around 70 and ph at 7.2. I use Jacks 321 and after I mix nutes and add 3 tbs of ph down, my ppm’s will be about 950 ish and pH right at 6.0 recommended by jacks for hydro. It hardly ever varies from that.

Thanks for the invite. Good luck and keep’em growin! :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:

@HappyHydroGrower yeah man, that is what my idea is turning into. I started with an ebb and flow that I had made and while I was waiting for the seeds to sprout I ended building a RDWC setup. I’ll have some pics soon.

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