Has anyone tried humboldts secret flower stacker?

Has anyone tried humboldts secret flower stacker?
I can’t find real reviews only in amazon but 95% of the reviews says that the reason they left a review is because they received the product for free or a deep discount in return for a review…

Keep searching …

Never heard of it…


If its anything like Purple Maxx, then I have, I believe it is but just to be sure. If you are going to add a full does of the stacker just be careful as these products are really powerful. With a full does just water(during watering cycle) and the full does of the stacker. Once you are using it with nutes. Use it at half strength and your nutes at half strength. If it was in my cycle it would be water(w/sacker), water, then nutes(half nute levels half stacker)

Seems you answered your own question… Lol


This is an old thread, but I’ve found sometimes it’s good to rejuvenate an old thread instead of starting a new one…And as for PK boosters they DO have a time and place to work… especially this Humboldt Flower Stacker because it’s not too concentrated.
If anyone is curious I’d they work, they do …if you NEED it. If I’m early flower, and I still have about 10 days or so before I topdress? And you know your nutes are depleting but you have time between topdress…hit em with a little bit of PK boost. Juuuust enough it doesn’t hurt em, and it’ll carry you over until you are ready to topdress.
Give them pk boosters thru flower? Nahh you could test it on a couple see how you like it.

I’m just saying there’s a time and place for pk boosters. They CAN come in handy.

Ok just thought I’d give my own little insight. :+1:. Happy growing.

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