Has anyone got a second or third harvest?

Going back to my bush grow days some 30 years ago…using regular seeds.

We used to grow what was called winter plants, sow when it was too late for the plants to flower, but still warm enough for germination, thus those that survived the winter, would flower early as soon as the warm weather hit.

We would harvest, though leave all the plants in the ground, revisit the sites later and up to 20% would survive and produce a second set of buds and those buds were the bomb, some of those would even produce a third harvest!

So just wondering if anyone has ever had a second harvest, or perhaps it’s just not possible with feminised hybrids?

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Its possible but the amount of stress of revenging a mostly cut up plant is to risky thatll itll herm now if you did a winter grow and then threw it outside during the summer and let it do its thing then maybe itd be worthwhile but id still be wary of nanners

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I guess you’re right, never considered the stress factor, they most likely would just die for the most part.

A pampered indoor plant would not likely have the genetics. We grew a particular strain bred by generations of growers for that particular environment, Old Yella.

Given that out of 200 seed sown only 30 or 40 would survive the winter and half of those would be culled as male or herms after the end of wnter. Those girls that did survive were almost stress immune, none ever went hermie.