Harvesting time or not

8 weeks into flowering, storm laid them down but tied back up . How much longer before harvest?


If it’s possible for you I would try to keep them going at least another month. Keep taking care of them it’ll be worth the time. Good luck finishing up.


Still got like 6 weeks left actually like 4

I hope the weather holds its supposed to drop into the high 40s at night and mid 60s during the day. Is that to cool ?
These are the largest buds I’ve grown but slow to mature.

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You’ll want to position them so they get as much direct sun as possible.
I’d say it’s going to be close to a month, especially with temps that cool. Temps into the 40’s and 60’s won’t hurt them. It will however make them mature real slowly.

Do you have any pests?


No problem with pest at all but can’t move into direct sunlight without high risk
Especially with hunters out