Harvesting SEEDS

Greenhouse winter project is harvesting my own seeds. I have three Super Skunk females that I hand pollinated - they are ‘showing’ (lol) seems to be hundreds of seeds. From what I’ve ‘learned’ from the internet - the harvest time should be around the first week in March. I try to do all my growing as close to nature as possible, so has anyone ever spread white garbage bags underneath to catch the seeds as they drop @ nature’s harvest? Or is there a better method? Thanks.

I like the white bag idea.

No matter the issue, seed, pollen, mold… I take a contractors garbage bag over the top to the trunk and while holding the bag closed around the stalk I chop the plant, flip bag and your good to harvest each as you need


@PharmerBob That sounds easy enough - I assume the plants will then dry and the seeds fall to the bottom on their own? Thank you.

Shake and let the seeds lay out on a tray to dry overnight then store in Tupperware in cool dry area

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You can then put trays under the plant and let it dry out a bit and repeat bag process.

I like to know where seeds come from, so if using same bag for multiple plants flip the bag inside out between each

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Thanks… OK they’re all three the same - Super Skunks.

I might go as far to separate each plant and give them a corresponding reference number per container

That way when you regrow those seeds you know which one they came from and can add the profiles you notice them having to that container of seeds

That’s just me tho


Expect that the ripest seeds will be ready to fall out on their own, but you’re going to be picking out most of them from the bracts. I’d pull seeds just before you put the flower in a grinder. Mechanic’s/dentist’s picks can be useful; whatever you use is going to become covered in resin from broken trichomes. Keep that in mind when choosing material.

I agree with separating the seeds into lots by mother. You lose a lot of control if you intermix them.


@KeystoneCops Remember I’m new at this so here goes - “put the flower in a grinder” ?? I’m going to harvest all seeds - I’m unclear on this. Do you mean the ‘shells’ or seed casings should be put in a grinder? For what purpose? Thank you.

Whoa whoa whoa. Don’t put your seeds in a grinder.

Most of us will own a small device called a grinder, specifically for shredding flower before rolling a joint. It would destroy seeds. You need to remove the seeds before grinding, or packing a bowl.

My point was that you can leave the seeds in the flowers for as long as you want, and just harvest them when you either need seeds or need flower.


@KeystoneCops LOL yeah I got that part (no seeds in any sort of grinder) What I did not know is the ‘leftover’ (ie NOT the seeds) is good for anything. (flower) :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s valuable not only because it’s potent medicine, but it also gives you information about one half of the genetic material the seeds carry.

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@KeystoneCops - I’m glad I asked as I assumed the seeds were harvested and the rest of the plant discarded.

The exception to that is if the seed-bearing plant has been treated with a reversing agent. For example, if you applied silver thiosulfate solution to a female in order to get pollen from her, that female plant should not be ingested. The seeds are fine and the plants they produce should be fine.

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@KeystoneCops No I never apply anything to my plants So the trimmings/flower should be used for medical after the seeds are harvested correct?

Yes, 100%.

FYI, letting the seeds remain in the flower while the flower dries can be beneficial; breeders claim the seeds continue to mature during the drying process.

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Has anyone ever crossed Santa Marta Colombian Gold with Blue Tahoe?

@KeystoneCops One of my Super Skunk seed plants… looking good I think!


Super skunk definitely a seed you want to have available , still waiting on the males on my mix pack all females so far

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@Randy_Marsh and if you didn’t WANT seeds, that would never happen. lol My next ‘set’ (after I harvest these this week) are Santa Marta Colombian Gold… then Blue Tahoe.