Harvested auto with a ton of seeds

So, I had a couple of magic beans that were freebies. They were Sweet Seeds auto fem Green Poison XL. I did these as an outdoor grow, germed on 5/20. I chopped one a week ago and just cleaned it up yesterday. The yield was 124 grams which was cool. The thing that surprised me is that I got a butt load of seeds from it.
I’m gonna chop the other one in a day or two so I don’t know what that will yield. The plants looked nothing alike although that wasn’t a shock.

About these seeds, any idea what I can expect? I’ve never had an auto that produced seeds before.

Depends on how it was pollinated. If it pollinated itself they should be an auto feminized but could pass on a strong hermie trait. If it were pollinated from a male in the area, it could be a 50/50 shot at auto regulars or photo regulars.

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Thanks Bobbydigital, There were no males anywhere. I guess at some point I’ll give them a try and see what happens.

Pollen can travel a few miles. Sure nobody else is growing within that range. Self pollinated plants don’t typically produce a ton of seeds unless it went full hermie throughout the plant.

While I can’t be 100% certain someone else isn’t growing down the road, I’m rural and none of my female photo’s growing in the same place were affected. This was my first grow of Sweet Seeds brand so maybe not the greatest of genetics?

I did have a lot of 3-lobed fan leaves.

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