Harvest questions

looks juicy

I’m guessing still got a week to go @Pat2 when did you flip them again?

First Grow ignorance, didn’t keep a journal. So the answer is, I really don’t know. But I agree with you, I think a week or more maybe, will keep a close eye on the girls now.

Pat2…let them go a little more. It will only increase the yield. They should fatten up noticeably the last two weeks. Again, go the % of amber.

New pics from this morning. I probably broke all the rules yesterday when I got my scissors out and started cutting, yes that’s right, I cut that good for nothing net away from my girls. I freed them from there bondage. It was a tricky operation, and I ran into a couple of ties that I hadn’t cut previously, because I couldn’t see them. Now they are free, and I can turn them to adjust for better light where needed. I was able to clean up any old vegetation that I couldn’t get to with the scrog net still in place. I was finally able to get a good look at the Indica that was in the back left of the tent, she has been a slow poach from the beginning, but she has grown up into a beautiful little lady. She has completely white buds. Could she be a White Widow ? I took a pic of one of her branches loaded with buds. The other bud is also an Indica, no idea what strain, any guesses ? Also two Sativas in the back that are getting close also. So by freeing the girls, giving me the ability to adjust for light, I have now decided to wait them all out if possible, and harvest all at same time. Not sure about my white lady though. Any one know about this strain ?

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I think everything you’ve done since posting has been correct, including waiting to harvest anything. You can now look back at your own pics and see the results of waiting, and you can more easily understand when everyone says 'WAIT!!!" :smile:

Those are beautiful and still fattening up, If you harvest now it’s basically like throwing away grams so you can get some not-as-good-as-it-could-be weed quicker. LOL

Since you mentioned that you are presently enjoying some stinky-flower then I hope that means you aren’t in dire straits and can cut when the plant is ready. I’m excited to see how fat those get before it’s done. IMHO you could snip a few of your lower small flowers that won’t fatten like the top ones, if you were wanting to do a ‘tasting’ :slight_smile:


You definitely have some time left…

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I see some very beautiful fat Ladies in your future…congrats

I don’t buy into the “cup-half-full/half-empty” BS. I believe in either getting a refill, or getting a different size cup LOL

What you have now is a “budding” journal, and if you keep the pics coming (which are GOOD pics) You can compare what you are seeing on the screen to what others have posted and see the potential.

Also, since you hit it out of the park so far on your own, read a LOT and decide on your own - don’t just go by the answers on here. You have enough plants to experiment with. From a psychological standpoint, I would pick the plant you think is farthest along right now, and let THAT plant go the longest until harvest.

(edited: My theory being, if you have one that is about a week farther along, and you harvest it - you then feel like you’ve ‘waited’ when you cut the next one a week later - if you get my meaning. So I would pick the one “closest to death” and have that be your latest-harvest)


When to harvest??? Well, depends on the type of high you’re looking for. Energetic, Sedated or a Mix. That’s why you scope the trichomes to determine harvest. Anyone can say chop now, BUT will you just like it; or LOVE the bud you spent all this time growing!?

You can do a partial harvest of a plant. This will give you a chance to experiment with your type of high. Take the tops and allow the lower less developed buds to get more light and thicken up some more. The trichome development is usually slower on the lower branches. If you wait to harvest those when the trichome development has past where you previously chopped, then you get a different high from the same strain.


Ok guy, you may have to talk me off the ledge this morning. I checked the girls this morning, and was "SHOCKED " to see seed pods and seeds forming on the two Sativas.

How can this happen ? I still have two other plants in the tent that are fine. Please advise, I need help !! @Stomper @TDubWilly @Drinkslinger @Myfriendis410 @MBgrower @Budbrother @blackthumbbetty

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Pics of the good buds

It could be caused by some form of stress . Could you try and get a couple more better pictures just to be sure .

Right. Better pics could help.

I had one plant in my tent hermie, while the others were fine. Different strains react differently to temp/humidity/light leaks.

It’s been ridiculously humid lately. I know my flowering plants were not enjoying it.

those are seed pods forming on the top of the bud, upon closer inspection, it looks like three of my four plants are affected.

Yes very humid, it’s been a chore to keep it under 70 percent . So what do I do now ? Does this ruin my grow ? VERY BUMBED OUT : (

bagseed i’d say was going to happen either way… usually if u get seed from a supposed Sensimilla bud and it has seeds then something went wrong in their grow and hence bagseed. been there.

Bagseed ?? I’m a newbie, but I’m not stupid, although I feel pretty stupid right now. Can you explain bagseed, and tell me what you meant, that it probably would have happened anyway. @dinoKid

i’m talking about where u got the seeds in the first place. was some bud you acquired and had seeds in it.???

and no your not stupid and i hope it’s not from the seeds in the first place. i know from growing bagseed that that will happen.