Harvest now, or after I get back

I have a tent full of Hella Jelly, nearly done. Jungle's 3rd grow #co2

Examined with a high quality loupe, I find that most tricombs are cloudy, a small handful amber (first seen amber today). In an ideal world, I’d check them daily for ~25-50% amber.

Unfortunately, I’m traveling on business. I leave tomorrow and return Thursday. I can harvest tonight, or Thursday & later.

How long do you guys find it takes to go from a handful of amber to a lot of amber?


  1. Harvest now, don’t want to over-cook
  2. Harvest after the trip, it probably won’t be done before Friday anyway
  3. Oh shit, you’re screwed.

Your vote?


A couple of days is not going to make a whole lot of difference. I vote #2.


I vote for #2, assuming watering isn’t going to be an issue.


I checked the referenced thread.

The date of the photo posting was 4/30.

If the photo is as of the post date you can take a couple more trips before she will be ready. She is no where near ready.

I had to take a closer look at your thread to find start dates and flip to flower dates. This is what I determined

seed sprout - 2/8
Flip - 3/23

Total grow days since sprouting is only 82 days. Since flipping is ** ONLY****43 days**
If transition time from flip to flower is 10 days, this means it has been flowering for only 33 days… This is about half of the average flowering time of 8 - 9 weeks ( 56 - 63 days). The amber you are seeing must be on some sugar leaves or somewhere other than on a bud.


Depends on the high your looking for I shoot for 80% cloudy and 20 amber

#2 you’re quite a ways out, enough to make a second trip. Patience!!!


I would wait some more.

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According to Humboldt Seeds, the breeder, flowering time is 45d from flip. It’s certainly harvestable now with mostly cloudy trichomes.

:point_up_2: this would only leave around 4 weeks of flowering. Most autos and photos take 10 weeks minimum generally to reach full bud development. 45 days from flip is a marketing gimmick :love_you_gesture:

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I agree. Breeder’s timeline is B.S. unless you have professional, large scale operation.


I see this on so many breeder web sites, mainly used on autos. Should be illegal :love_you_gesture:

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From the flip date in your journal you still have 4 to 5 weeks to go yet. Those flowers have a lot of bulking up to do.


Thanks everyone (and quickly too).

I don’t care whether the 45d claim is right or not, but consensus seems to be it’s going to be at least three (likely many more) days to go.

I’ll make sure they’re properly watered/fed and check on the when I get home late Thursday.

Stock photo of Hella Jelly.

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Replace the word days with weeks and you’re almost there.


Well, like I said, my only worry was “this week”. As long as it’s more than a few days it’s fine.


Those are just babies. That looks like just the first wave of white pistils. The bud material you see now will be buried under layers of calyxes yet to form.
This runty Bubba Kush is still not quite ready. See the pistils have just started to shrivel up after turning brown/orange. Will probably go a couple more weeks.


Im gonna take a number 2

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I just chopped a BB Muffin from these folks and @ 45 days I was just starting to get full stacks. I had to let mine go 60+ days and then still had to do a staged harvest. Pay no mind to the man behind the curtain.

This is 42 days from true flowering…

This went another week after the partial harvest.

I harvested the first group of 16 colas during the 8th week of flower and the rest of the plant a week later. 56-63 days total flowering time


You have at least a couple weeks’ of time to relax. They’ll be fine. :v:

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