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Here is that chat thread for congratulatory posts, questions or comments to the folks in the HOF.

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Congratulations HOF’ers!!! What’s your favorite nutrition line to get some BOM buds? I didn’t think it’d let me post :joy:


Oh, good question. Favorite nutes. I wanna know as well.


This was made to post in. The HOF thread will stay closed so that the comments don’t interfere with their accomplishment.


I grow in soil and use a 50/50 mixture of FoxFarms Ocean Forest and Coco Loco. This mixture allows me to grow without nutrients basically all during Veg. I do start cal-mag within the first couple of weeks of Veg and use Tribus during Veg. I start Jack’s 321 nutrient line usually the first or second week after flipping lights. Honestly I believe the key is lights, environment and keeping them healthy until the end. Many nutrient lines will produce excellent quality cannibis. I use Jack’s due to the simplicity of use.


Im only seeing 4 HOF’ers… I thought there were more am i wrong? Or just not seeing the whole lists? Anyways Congrats to @Oldstoner @NTMAREMACH @MAXheadroom(RIP)


That is all there is man. There are a few that only need one more though…


@BobbyDigital :monkey::briefs: My Brother but nice job :+1: on the new :thread:
I hope to win a couple of more times. Grow Gods be willin! :pray:


It’s been a long time coming. I’ll be excited to see you there and add anyone else that traverses that mountain.


I hear that! I became a mod a couple months after my first win and haven’t been eligible since :cry:


I saw that going through all the BOM’s. Alan had one as well. @imSICKkid is eligible again and has 2. There were a couple more with 2 so hopefully we can keep adding.


My favourite nutrients are all natural nutrients like volcanic rock dust fertilizer and worm castings and organic compost and bat guano and kelp and fish liquid


@Oldstoner you are technically allowed to enter another BOM. You graciously forfeited your prize after a tie in March 2017. You will remain the first Hall of Famer but you also get the chance to claim your third prize.


Aw shucks now you made me blush . It wasn’t really all that gracious on my behalf just being older I come from the era when as long as someone you knew had weed we were good it was a community property kind of thing until someone got to a half oz or so. I grew up in a family of commercial fishermen and worked on the boats almost 30 years . 3rd generation.
It is a different world being a fisherman, it is close knit and clanish but if you get or like me were born onto the group your good .
Anyway I had just ordered seeds had found out how to clone plus still had 45 or something like that of a 6 strain mix . I really figured they would go to waste if I took them . I had won once already sitting on a fat backup of beans and trying to get those winnings would have made me feel like a greedy dick so it was self serving also so Karma ( which I do believe in ) didn’t bite my butt .


Okay guy’s as far as my nutrition schedule goes I have had luck with most of the brands I have used . My soil has for all but the last couple of grows been Fox Farm Ocean Forrest. Mix about 30 % promix organic a couple cups extra perlite with calcium and a couple fat table spoons bone meal. I never miss putting a close to stupid amount of Diatomaceous Earth ( food grade only ) in the mix from the start. to almost entirely stop infestations of knats which fox farms is famous for .
Then I’m not sure if I have followed 1 grow the same as any other . I buy what nutrients are on sale plus creep on here until I find something everyone is raving about and add it to the list . I have many time changed in the middle of a grow .
Other things I have found make a difference for me are Azos and Mykos plus whichever of the products along the likes of Mammoth P that is the cheapest as they all seem to work equally well.
I completely crash every time I have tried hydroponics. All in all I grow in a to unorthodox manner to feel like my wins were anything except luck persistence and the help I was graciously given by this form . @yoshi @ktreez420 @garrigan62 (rip brother ) @MattyBear @latewood @FloridaSon and Hogmaster who is no longer here and many more were a shock with how much help all were able to offer happily. Hell a couple times @yoshi even told me to just hang on then went and did a hours research to find the answer and get back to me .
So in truth every one of my wins has been a kind of community effort and thanks for all the help and encouragement you have given me over the years


@MattyBear dm me

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@Oldstoner First and foremost, congrats on your well deserved HOF status and thanks for all of your help and advice to the growing community. Reading your above post I see that you mention adding DE to the soil mix instead of just a layer on top of the soil-I’ve never heard this but it sounds like a great idea. I’m starting my second grow, 2 BB autos just broke soil overnight. When it’s time for them to go in their final home, (5 gal. cloth pots, FFHF) how much DE would you add to the soil/perlite mix?


@Oldstoner I bow and salute you my brother , It was love than and it’s all love now Sir , But if your remember what I told you 10 years ago , never count yourself out and all you have to do is watch and listen to them and not over stress it , now you out growing me , man it’s so refreshing to my heart :heart: to know it was appreciated and went full circle , I salute You Sir , maybe one day you can teach me a thing or two Lmao :rofl:! Sa’ Lou !!!


Congratulations to all of the HOF’ers!


@Ontrack thank you brother . And normally a couple of cups in my mixing container at least if it seems extra damp I double that . It wont hurt any thing and it stopped the knats going in and out of the bottom drain holes also