Guessing it's time to start a journal

Ok so I’ve got a sprout of unknown origin (bag seed) and 3 sour diesel seeds that went into a mix of burpees organic seed starter and worm castings and perlite probably 40-20-40 percents. Aug 27th was when the unknown sprouted and Aug 29th the 3 were placed in this mix. I will say none of these are ilgm but that day will come soon enough want to get a couple harvests outta the way and finish gathering the Xtras I want. Get back into the groove of things plus got a few heat issues I will have to work out…not enough heat in the winter… I know space heater but we are in a 900sqft garage with no ceiling so heating is not going to be cheap thiking about building a plastic room around box and just heating that after I figure these things out I’m going to try my hand at some autos. I will keep everyone posted thanks for stopping by


You could build a shed of sorts inside the garage. Then insulate it. Sure you could put a space heater in there, if it was insulated, the heat would stay in there. What type of HVAC system do you have to heat your home with? Any way of running a duct out that way? (If it’s forced air) just thoughts.

No the way the house is designed the garage is a add on and would have to tear a roof off that has my garage roof tied into it. I can’t build a shed I want to build one that o can put a ac in too but kinda needs to be stealthy mt in laws know but don’t want to see it when they come over…I told them to just stay outta the garage… but that didn’t go over well I’m thinking of just building a “closet” in the back corner and getting 400w mh hps for heat

Add on garage. Yep, can’t tap into hvac that way. Heater options, are limited if you have to be super stealthy. You could go with a grow cabinet. Looks like a storage cabinet… since it’s a garage, you could get away with several of these. They’re all for “storage”. @Sirsmokes

Yes I have been researching some ideas and I think in the spring I’m going to figure something out right now it’s hidden in a work bench that has doors that lock but it was a quick design. This hole grow was unplanned talking aboUT throwing a few seeds in the garden to mess with my wife. Well the way the trees in my yard areally it only got about 3 hrs sun and mabey 4 inderect sunlight so I ran and got 3 120w ge grow bulbs and 2 t8 13w grow light well needless to say my wife went with it so I threw together a box and ordered a light or well my daughter bought me 2 led lights and I bought one about a week later and then I got 6 100w cfl for sprouts in a different box so it can easily be tore out and redone as a star age closet without much suspicions my issue is nosey in laws

@Sirsmokes, just IMHO, the NPK of that soil is strong for sprouts, keep a close eye on them if thy are babies


First I would like To Welcome You To ILGM andc our family of growers. There are so many things going on in here so check it out and have some fun. The members here are awesome and ready to help you out.

Welccome our newest member @Sirsmokes

Ok, once you get things set up or if you need some advice let us know…ok
I just did a journal on Auto’s all 7 strains that ILGM has so i may be of some help there when your ready.

Will joint


Thank you very much and yes I will check out your journals on the autos. I have been on here for around a month and have experienced nothing but positive feedback and more help than I know what to do with… this place is awsome


Thank you but honestly they love it. But will have to keep that in mind incase I do run into an issue. Thanks for heads up


I’m watching your journal @Sirsmokes Best wishes, my friend!

I’m in @Sirsmokes

Ok so 5 days after sprout this we little one was quickly out growing the little coco starter cups roots were rather impressive for being so young.

And on another note we had one sour diesel pop it’s head up, or its actually mooning me right now it’s head hasnt quiet poped yet I look for it to fully be with us in the morning. Hopefully we will have the other pop soon…
Hope everyone has a good night and come on back now ya hear!!!


Fantastic start @Sirsmokes! I wish I had started some Sour Diesel. I’ll be watching this grow. You’re doing it! Keep us updated. If you need any more stealthy ideas, let us know. Happy growing. :seedling:

Thank you thank you pull up a seat. And yea I started pricing tents tonight if it can’t be stealthy it’s got to be taller! Plus in my current set up it would be hard to scrog and that’s my goal. Only time will tell I need to just be patient and get a few grows under my belt to decide what’s gonna work best for me. But there’s a total of 4 Sour Diesel 1 unknown strain and 2 clones of OG Cush, none of the seeds are feminized so expecting a couple males. I look forward to letting their story be told with picture documentation


The other box that’s got the girls in flowers is where we need imediate height we can cut the bottom out and gain another 4 inchest Witch is very nice it will keep me from habing to break my cola

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Talked to the wifey and she gave a big thumbs up to grow tent for next spring

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Here’s one of my 2 grow partners. If I’m out in the garage he has to be right there too so this is as much his as it is my grow


Went out to check on everyone before bed and check my temp on starter box and I had the other 2 sour diesel decided to join the party. The one that you can’t really see is just now at the surface it will be ready for a photo op tomorrow lol…


Congrats! :seedling:

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I’m still outta likes @Sirsmokes but nicely done! SD is another great daytime similar to what we were talking about last night! I