Gsc auto rolling leaves and clawing



Girl Scout Cookie
5 gallon grow pots
ILGM seedling fertilizer 1/2 teaspoon/gallon solution
Vivosun VS1000
70 degrees F
humidity 50%
hurricane inline duct fan

Planted on May 1st. I’ve struggled with tacoing leaves almost through the entire grow. Now there is clawing, which I’ve read could be due to nitrogen toxicity. I gave the plant a 1/2 gallon of plain water 2 days ago and I’d like to flush again, but it takes forever to dry out and I don’t want to overwater. The nutrients I’ve used are the ILGM protocol. I was using nutes every time I water until about a week ago. Because of the tacoing I moved the LED light to the top of the tent with a 25% intensity. Any suggestions would be welcomed!

100 watts at meter@25% = 25 watts LED 5 feet away. PPFD 5-10 if measurable?
I have that light, a watt meter and seven other lights. Veg tent is 200 watts and flower tent is 1000 watts.
My female flowering clones look like that comming out of clone (trim lady in flower used for clone attempt). She is begging for more light and possibly more.

What kind of soil?
What kind of pots?

I might be trippin but i think i see bud leaf mutation in the first pic and the fourth one down. Are there bud sites growing on some of the leaves?

Do you adjust the ph when feeding or watering?
And do you know your ph in soil?
The wrong ph in your pot could lock out the nutrients it needs. Might be the cause of this. If it’s not heat stress or high winds could be low mag. That’s my opinion for the taco leaves. I would wait to see what others might say.

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The soil looks dark. I have gone from Landscape soil, to HDepot-soils, and lastly found my love FFOF.
Marijuana friendly soil and products perform well. What about DLI or PPFD? Water, soil, and light, are three of the 9 needed for good grow

5 gallon fabric pots and premix soil

I don’t have a ph meter. I guess I need to get one. Do I test the water that runs through the plant or the soil? I think I’ve seen both kinds but don’t know what to get. So you think I should jack light up to 100%?

@awgarner My thought is that your soil is preloaded with nutes already and by giving an additional fertilizer your in a toxic environment. What soil are you using?

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I think it’s promix, but it was reused from last year I think. I did use oscomote in some pots so that could be the problem. What should I do? I’d keep flushing with water but it takes forever to dry out. Should I crank up the light? I’ve tried everything with the light…25%-100%…12" to top of tent. Still same issues.

@awgarner at this point the leaves that are affected are done. They won’t recover or improve. The results of any changes you make will appear (hopefully) in any new growth you can coax out of them. Flushing will remove your excess nutes but afterwards you’ll need to reset the soil ph & ppm. You’ll need ph & ppm pens to get readings correctly. Testers reduce guessing. As for your lights I’d read your owners manuals or look at the websites for the recommendation for distance based on age of plants and start there. (Truth is the lights are not strong enough for a tent full of flowering plants to share. I see your showing the beginnings of flower now.

I bought these online on Amazon. Get additional solutions that go with them as well.

You also will be fighting low light which produces airy light and loose flower with poor yields. Your node spacing indicates plant is receiving too little light to process nutrients/water.


@awgarner i had nitrogen toxicity in my auto. Running only a 1/2 gal through a 5gal pot won’t flush it good enough. I ran 2 gal through mine and it looked 100% better after 2 days. I did it 1/2 gal at a time with about 10 mins between flushes. It was also ph’d water. Also new growers like me and maybe you? Assume over watering is giving it too much at once. But that’s incorrect it’s watering too frequently like every other day. Not the amount but the frequency. Also these are my observations which I could be wrong but if I am definitely someone will correct me and I will learn! You will notice most say water to runoff! Which obviously means giving more at once isn’t over watering. Anyways hopefully this helps one way or another. I haven’t had any leaves taco on me.