GrowingScotland, First Auto Grow! KandyKush, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme, Auto Chemdog

Good morning all, Hope were all doing well in the community today :love_you_gesture:

So this is my first auto grow :hugs: I’ve always used photos previous to this and Had decent results so I thought I’d try my hand at these autos and see how we get on,

This morning 12/09/20 I dropped 3 beans Ph’d water at 6.4 I’m trying out 3 different autos

Strain; Auto Chemdog, GSCE , KandyKush

Soil in pots, Bio biz all mix

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? No runoff yet (seedling) in ph water at 6.4

What is strength of nutrient mix? No nutes as of yet

Indoor or Outdoor, INDOOR

Light system, size? 600w Hps full spectrum

Temps; Day / Night – 80– 65 degrees f

Humidity; 48%

Ventilation system; Yes, oscillating fan , 4” extractor with carbon scrubber, 4”intake

Heater, N/A

Co2; N/A

Feel free to jump in guys if you spot something or maybe have a suggestion as I’ve never really worked with autos I think I may need a little help along the way would like to tag a few that have helped me along with my previous grow and guys I’ve seen help other with valued info and guys feel free to tag people along the way I’d like to hear everyone’s thoughts on what I do wrong and what I do right thanks for stopping in I’ll update weekly and try add a few extra pictures every few days

@Covertgrower @dbrn32 @MrPeat @Cannabian @Watt-Sun @Enlightened420 @Oldguy @AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie @MidwestGuy @Bulldognuts hope use don’t mind guys but I’ve seen you guys helping lots with lots of valued info


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Thanks guys feel a lot more confident with you gents behind me always a good thing, other will see the things I don’t or the mistakes I make and I’m sure there will be plenty :joy:


I’m in and following. Thanks for the tag. :+1:

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Its a thing… we do dat.


Good luck with these! Seems like if you keep them growing you’ll do fine.


Appreciate the tag Gromie.
I :green_heart: watching journals from the start.

Good vibes and good luck :v:


Afternoon guys thanks to you all for tagging along through my go trying to be as detailed as possible :love_you_gesture:

So as we know as of yesterday I dropped 3 beans in ph’d water left them soaking for around 28hrs, this morning Sunday the 13/09/15 I very carefully moved them to moist paper towel (no tails yet) placed them in side a little zip bag and placed them in the dark Humidity it’s around 82% at the moment and temp is around 19.5C

I already have a question for the experts :joy: have you guys had any experience with (root roit) starter cubes? Are they any good while using formulex to enhance root production?

Hope use are all well today :love_you_gesture:


Good evening friends

So it’s been 48+ since it dropped the 3 beans In ph’d water and removed to paper towel and baggie so (drum roll please) 2 of the 3 beans have popped so far the Chemdog tap root 1cm and the kandy Kush 2cm in length have now been put in root blocks :love_you_gesture::sunglasses: So far the Girl Scout cookies hasn’t split shell or showing signs of much may have to drop another

Stay safe would like to tag a few other so follow along if you wish :sunglasses::love_you_gesture: @Arrow @BobbyDigital @Weedlover1 @scylents @Dagao22 @Dbpooper @merlin44 @Myfriendis410 feel free to tag others


Present and accounted for…tanks for the tag…:sunglasses::v:extralarge


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Welcome brother :love_you_gesture: yeah I won’t give up on her quite yet have seen beans do this before and turn into monsters thanks for following along :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:

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Thanks brother :v: It’s a small achievement but felt good shall celebrate with a smoke from a previous harvest :sunglasses::love_you_gesture:


Alright!! Hella busy day, you’re right man. I’ll be tagging along here. Hope your third lady pulls through!!

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