Growing like a weed

First grow ever…2nd week of flower

Uploading: 20220415_114459.jpg…
All is well no deficiency nor bug a kick azz green thumb and good genetics… oh and whole lot of luck… rain water and few nutes and good to grow


What kind of light are you running? It appears green.

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first ever grow…but your pictures look like first ever pictures…give us something to cheer about

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Night is day day is night… but running led only 180watt i think the green is so i can water or make day moves. Long story short lol

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Yeah I use a green light at night in mine as well.

Will do around 9:00 lights will be back up and running. Send some then

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Good luck to ya, plants look great


Retiredoldguy was going for the look of perspective. Two plants short and compact. Sorry if phone isnt one of those 1000 dollar rigs…lol

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