Growing in the tropics

We winter on the SW Mexican coast, 3.5 hours south of Puerto Vallarta. The average temps are and stay in the low eighties with humidiy hanging around 40-70%. Our house has plenty of room, outside on the Palapa level. The Mexican indoor grown In Guadalajara is nice and has nice buds and flavor & a nice high. $50 an ounce…!

With that being said I am thinkin’ auto’s…advice and thanks in advance ???

When I first moved to Hawaii, I thought that with a long season I could grow enormous plants. Silly me. In fact, the seedlings started in February and March got completely confused with the day length, went into bud almost immediately and yielded almost nothing.
Next grow, I planted later but with an indica dominant strain. They grew well until the rains came and then I lost everything to botritis or bud rot. Helpful tip - the tropics require either straight sativa or strong sativa hybrids to withstand the moisture and humidity.
Now, I swear by auto Fems. All I need is a 12 week window of good weather to harvest a crop and I just plant extra to make up for lower yields. Any left over come the wet winter are grown indoors in DWC buckets and LED lights.

Sir, thanks for your quick response. This year we will be arriving (driving down) the last week in October as it is week long drive. Auto’s really interest me being a newbie grower and all. Is there a particular strain, that you are growing presently that you could recommend please?
The years have changed, science is now FUN AND REWARDING is it not??

If you are concerned about size, Crown King Seeds in Vancouver sells Low Ryder seeds. Very fast and small it has almost no Veg stage but goes straight into flowering. Kind of like a candelabra.
Or ILGM has a special on White Widow Auto Fem seeds. A little larger and bushier but it yields more and has a higher THC level.
Good luck!