Growing in cold weather

I live in the southern part of the US and the temperature is still somewhat cold. I ordered strawberry kush seeds and already germinated them, but there is no way I can grow them indoors. Will cold weather affect the growth of my plants?

Find your state or zone…what is the last frost date? You can’t fight mother nature.

Yes, cold weather affects the plant…under 60, slowed growth… under 40F, stress…frost=death

I have one month until I can normally grow them outside without any complications. I’ll keep them indoors but after a month I’m gonna take them outdoors. I’m sure they are gonna be affected by change in light, what do I need to do??

The sun will be an intense change…gradually get the plant used to it…You’d have to start them in shaded sun, then progress to full…

Will you use sunlight or artificial light for the seedlings?

Ok, thanks for the tip!
And I’ll be using artificial lighting for the seedlings

Yea @pigsquishy, I would love for you to post that subject in this thread. How do you set up a light bulb with a blanket/tarp to grow outside in colder temps. I kind of remember reading that your buddy or dad used to put a light bulb under the car hood, put a blanket over the hood and light, and the car would be warm and ready to start right up. If you could put that info here again I’d appreciate it!