Growing Granddaddy Purple in the Super Closet Superstar 3.0

A question from a fellow grower:

“Hello, I am looking to start my first grow soon. I recently purchased the SuperCloset Superstar 3.0 for my grow. I’m looking at two different strains to get me started, white widow and grand daddy purple. I’ve heard that white widow is fairly easy to grow. My concern is the grand daddy purple because of it needing to maintain a humidity around 50%. I’m not sure how the humidity typically is in the superstar 3.0 or how I could adjust it if needed. I wasn’t sure if you guys have had any experience with customers who own the superstar 3.0 for their growing and could tell me if grand daddy purple would be alright to grow in there. I really want the grand daddy purple, but I don’t want to spend that much money on seeds and not have the ideal conditions for it, pretty much wasting the money. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!”

White widow is def an easy strain to grow. But without training it can grow into a very large plant. I have 3 going now and they range from 3 1/2 feet to 4 feet tall and 3 1/2 feet in width.

@Watt-Sun…are you WW’s each 3.5’ in width? Are you doing LST?

Yes each. 3 plants have spanned a 10ft wide room
I topped once to limit their height.not doing any LST just letting them go o’ natural. Just something to keep in mind when using a cabinet or tent. LST is almost a must.

Thank you for your informative reply. WW has been a consideration for awhile.
Now, I am sure it’s the next batch.

BTW…how is the smoke? Yummy tasting and potent?

It’s my first time growing WW. So I can tell ya in about 8 -10 weeks lol. I spent too much time trying to grow bag seed and wasting time and money.
There’s no replacement for good genetics




That’s a very beautiful plant. Can’t help but notice the many side colas. Very productive.
Hope it smokes as pretty as it looks.

You got the seeds here?

Yes ILGM . Fast delivery. I used the deposit method and had my seeds within 10-14 days

They really exploded after I topped them.

What site can I get seed from, and are they affordable…

There are quite a few online sites that offer seeds. I’m a fan of ILGM. As far as price, seeds can be pricey but worth it

I love the brick wall/ cannabis look, very photogenic. Ive always wanted to have an apartment in an old warehouse, i just love the look of old bricks.

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Thanks . It does add some photogenic appeal lol . I’ve been on the fence about painting the bricks flat white for reflectivity but torn cuz it looks nice lol

Save the brick just hang Panda poly over it


Could just get some reflex paper and some concrete staples and run with it…

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