Growing 2 plants, need help on lighting

Question from a fellow grower:

I’m growing just 2 plants, what do I need as for lighting?

  1. Depends on the type of light.
  2. Depends on the size plants ur growing.
  3. Depends on the size area ur growing in.

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Usually 2x4 growing size can work for 2 plants. You can look atreflector 720led with tent 2x4 . Many good reviews can be found about it

Fellow Grower,

it depends a lot on how large you intend to make the canopy of the plant and how much floorspace you would be taking up.

Let’s assume you intend to have the plants take up a 4x4 area with the intent on attempting to yield up to a pound of dried usable cannabis, which is common among most growers.

So now we need a light that can provide enough for your two plants. If making the choice to stick with good 'ol HID lighting, I’d recommend getting either a 600watt or 1000watt HID and MH bulb for the Flowering and Veg stages respectively, or if electric consumption is a concern to you, a double Cermic Metal Halide (CMH, CMD, or LEC) setup would be a good choice as it is full spectrum lighting, and two of these bulbs would provide more than enough lighting for your plants.

“But what if I want to use LED’s?” Well I’m glad you asked! Many people are afraid of buying LEDs due to the nasty blurples that are sold on amazon by knock-off companies that are just no good. A literal waste of money. Some reputable LED manufacturers include BlackDog LED, Fluence, and Timber Grow lights. Their lower end lights are more than affordable for many new growers, and while yes they still have the steep upfront cost most good LEDs have, in the long run you will save much more on electricity and bulb replacements!

You might also see PPFD ratings on some light maker’s websites, this is how much light a plant canopy is receiving from the light source at a certain mounting height over a square meter. To achieve the best results possible without Co2 you should be looking at a minimum rating of:

18/6 schedule: 339.5 μmol/m²s
12/12 schedule: 509.25 μmol/m²s

I hope this gives you some direction in where to go, and if you ever have any questions, please feel free to make a post and ask as many questions as you need. We are here to help!

Happy Growing,

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