Grow tent size/plant size and #

NEVER @ingridS . We are here for you. We only accept wins…welcome to the family.


dwc is supposed to produce the biggest yields. i have only one seedling alive still so i think i will baby this little baby for a while and see how we do. i’m fantasizing about a 4x4x80 inch tent but i think i will just settle in with what i have for now. i will look into lst and super cropping. i have read a bit about lst i think.

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@ingridS Small you say
We-be also small… 28" square/40" tall. In a 4.7g dishpan. Started 12w ago. (No larger space is available.) One plant, LST @ 5 nodes with extra long pipe cleaners.

Remember it’s a weed, it ain’t, or doesn’t have to be roket sience.
If this semi-wasted old hippie stumbled thru it, it’s doable.
Remember…" the only way to avoid mistakes is to not do anything" RLC
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@ingridS do you mind if I tag in a moderator to put your 2 threads together? We can help you easier all the way if 1 place. @dbrn32 @Myfriendis410


no apologies necessary. i will look into how to properly top my plants. is that how you mean?

please do.

that’s beautiful.

right on. thank you. are you just regular people or you paid to be online right now?


Lol…reg folk. I am retired and come here to help and have fun. Noone is paid here I do not believe.

me too. i would like to be to just walk right into it.

thats good.

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It is. Real experiences from real folks.

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im glad.

right on man. i’m with you. you have dwc there?

Thx lots of great people here that speak from experience and are willing to help you every step of the way :muscle::100:

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Researching lst right now.

@ingridS DWC=H2o?
I have a clear plastic hose buried 1/2 way down, with a bunch of 1/8" holes to add the mixed ferts and occasional watering. The Blumat system was for watering while away.

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We can walk you through it… :muscle::100:

I believe you didn’t wait long enough for the pics to load.

poo…hold on…