Beginner Hydroponic DWC

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(I don’t mind if y’all tag others in here to help out with those that know more about Hydroponics DWC) Thank you so much :100::grin:

Here is my grow box I ordered. It’s my 1st time in everything. Hoping and praying everything goes well.

Here are dimensions of the box and also everything I’m using in the box from water to nutrients.

Cash Crop Dimensions: 34.75" Tall x 15.75" Wide x 11.0" Deep (18" LED side lighting included)

Planted in rapid rooter on Friday Aug. 6th at 7pm this picture was taken on Monday Aug. 10th at 9:35pm

Same plant :seedling: Picture taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 1:36 am

Taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 3:57 am

Taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 8:23 am sprouted.

image image
Taken Tuesday Aug. 11th at 9:11pm

These are pictures of the Water, Nutrients, Seeds and Feeding Schedule.

image image image image image image image image

Now back to the seedling :seedling:

Taken Aug. 12th at 3 am

Taken Aug. 12th at 11:44 am

Taken Aug. 12th at 11:24 pm

Taken at exactly the save time as the last one above the reservoir holds two 2” pots but I am only growing one for now. Also on the feeding schedule, since I’m only growing one in the system. Should I cut the feed to 25% when I start feeding the nutrients?

Taken Aug. 12th at 11:42 pm I added in more pebbles to the net pot around the rapid rooter because some of the light was leaking into reservoir by the plants :seedling: root.

Please take a look at my journal my growmies. All feed back is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to interacting with y’all. Much love :heart: and peace :peace_symbol: Peace :v::sunglasses:


Set to watch. Should be a interesting grow.


@Bulldognuts Thanks :sunglasses::100:


Nice set up! I’ll tag along if ya don’t mind? Any more information on your lighting? Side lighting info? How many actual watts?



Thank you and I don’t mind at all. :grin: They are (2) 18W Sunblasters 6400K LED Stip Lights. On each side of the box.

I have one in the center as well at the very top.
• [Incredibly Powerful / Next Generation Quasar LED Lighting](Full spectrum lighting for veg to flower spectrums; 420nm to 460nm veg & 630nm to 660nm flower) **(Equivalent to 80w Extensive research has shows that LEDs that operate in a vegetative spectrum of 420nm to 460nm produce optimal results. The same study shows that during flowering/blooming, the 630nm to 660nm spectrum produce optimal results. This Quasar LED, being a full spectrum light, covers both of these spectrums which means growers will find this light to be extremely effective. We tested these lights for months and are extremely impressed with the results.

The Quasar LED grow light is the most powerful grow light available relative to its size. This grow light will fit into most any grow system regardless of the size. Tried and tested, the Quasar LED grow light shows substantially better growth rates than traditional grow lights. Don’t let the size fool you. This LED lighting system is potent, effective, and has the perfect mix of spectrum to take you from seed to harvest more so than anything comparable to its size.

We were shocked at the results we saw when growing with the Quasar. In fact, it’s really fantastic and so we have decided to giver you a 100% money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason


Dimensions: 7.25" L X 7" H X 2" W

Material: Aluminum & PC, lens covered with waterproof material

Color: 16 Red & 4 Blue

Base color: Black case

Waltage:20 Watt (Equavilant to 80w)

Broadband voltage: 86-265v

Beam Angle: 120 degree

Wavelength: full spectrum Red: 655~660nm, Blue:460nm

Coverage: 1.5’ x 1.5’ FT

Waterproof Grade: IP65


AC 110 Volts / 3 Pin Plug

Average Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

Additional Features:

Fits in the Cash Crop grow box (and all larger grow systems)

Virtually no heat

Virtually no electricity used

Opens up more space in any grow system it is used in

No need to raise or lower lights with the Quasar LED

The Quasar LED is used in the famous [Cash Crop] grow box!

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Hope y’all don’t mind me tagging you in here. Feel free to add others if so possible.

Any type of feed back will be accepted as constructive criticism. :100::v::sunglasses::peace_symbol:


You need to monitor water temps to keep at or below 70F, lots of airflow in rez: should look like a rolling boil. Rez level should be 1 1/2 to 2" below net pot.

DWC will have you filling your rez daily once plants get big FYI: that’s why folks do RDWC for the ability to walk away for a couple of days.

Adding a chiller may become necessary as rez will adopt whatever the ambient temps are in grow space.



Thank you Sir for your input. I got too excited when I knew I wanted to grow. So I just basically bought a system without really looking and reading deep. I seriously spent a lot of money on the box and feel like I made a big mistake for my 1st time. But I’ll learn as I go along and have to use and experiment with the box. I read that supposedly RDWC and DWC are the something. I’ll have to buy a water thermometer. I don’t think I’ll have enough room for a chiller. The box is literally 3 feet high and a foot and a half wide. If I mess with the box and start making holes and what not. I honestly don’t know what I’m doing and I’ll just make things worse. So I need a bigger air stone to make more bubbles? I had the water under the net pot but I dumped a bit out because the rapid rooter was getting to soaked from the bubbles in the air stone. I does make more bubbles than that. Just didn’t get a good picture of it. Plus I don’t mind checking on the system daily. It works with my schedule. Thank you again and sorry for being such a noob. Smh :man_facepalming: lol



Any inputs from others and even the same people would be greatly appreciated. I’m loving this place. Gives very very good advice from others with experience. Thank you all so much. :grin:

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My hydroponic experience is pretty limited, one lettuce grow lol. It was successful though.

I think the feedback you’ve gotten is pretty solid so far. Water temps are important, you’ll want to keep an eye on them. The light included with the kit won’t do what you want it to either. Hopefully strips on walls will help that along. See how this grow goes, if not up to expectations we can find you something better. I wouldn’t veg much longer than takes the plants to mature, and maybe plan on shaping them to the space available.

Always thought these were pretty cool. Just couldn’t ever bring myself to pony up the cash to buy figuring I would be changing out most of the components.



I spent over a grand for this whole little set up. I should of been more patient. So none of the lights are good then not even the full spectrum at the very top? I feel like I made a huge mistake purchasing this box and I basically didn’t get what I paid for then. Wife is already upset that I spent so much on it and I’m still finding things I need to buy still. Ph tester ppm Tdc room temperature and humidity reader. Also I plan on doing LST to the plant. I feel like I’m way in over my head. Maybe I’ll get a refund lol. Just hate sucks feeling like it was a waste of a lot of money and waste of time. I’m trying to keep my head up and staying positive. Looking forward to more replies from anyone that would like to chime in as well. Thank you all lovely people for all the feed back. Y’all are very much appreciated. :100::sunglasses::v::peace_symbol:


So bottom line is…
Not enough light…
Go get a tuff tote that will fit inside of the cabinet…
If you have the skills to plum tote to another tote outside of the tent…



In all honesty I don’t even know what that is. I looked up tuff tote on google and it shows big storage tubs :man_facepalming: Lol


Here is what I grow in , in flower…
A few adjustments since than…

Super simple…


That’s exactly what it is! A large storage tote. It’s what I grow in as well. The box cost me less than $100 total to build. Including $35 for a pump, and $30 air pump.


Don’t know much about hydro but looks like fun man I’m setting to watching can’t wait to see what you get!

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Thanks everyone for the wonderful feedback :peace_symbol:


Honestly, lights on side are probably better than light on top. Its not to say you won’t have a decent grow with them though. Give them a shot.


Thank you Sir for all the amazing suggestions. I’ll keep y’all posted. :100::sunglasses::v::peace_symbol:


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Taken today at 8:49pm

All the pictures are of the same baby.
Taken today at 8:53pm
Planted in rapid rooter Aug. 6th
Today it’s 9 days old. :slight_smile: