Grow Tent And T5s

Hello Everyone
So I have a grow tent 3x3x6 foot Dr 90, and 4 T5s at 4 feet. Im asking on your thoughts on how to set up these lights as I cant hang them strait across. Ive tried hanging them in the corners but this isn’t enough light for the plants…

That would be the best way to put 4 foot T5s in that size tent, vertical in the corners. You could then add light from above the plants with a high powered CFL, a 2, 3 or 4 x 2ft long T5 bulb panel, high power UFO type LED, or even a 250 watt HID light.

I find it not close enough to the plants

I might try doing a TeePee with them,

Yup, you can try that.

I wonder if you could set it up so that the top of the lights are held by string and can be pulled back toward the sides as the plants grow and bush out?

I would imagine that you could stand them on end as close as you want, and support the chord above. Maybe add a teather for extra security.