Grow room is too hot

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I’m new at this kind of posting so excuse me if I’m doing this wrong… I have a huge problem with a new setup and looking for some answers. I have a 4x8 gorilla tent, 2-1000 watt hortilux bulbs, 2-galaxy ballast-not in the tent, black ops carbon filter-not in the tent. I have an 8" hurricane on the carbon filter with a line going into the tent. I have a 10" fan connected to the hoods which are raptor hoods. I also have a server portable AC unit line going into the tent venting to the ceiling. I am in Florida. I have positive pressure in the tent and the temp went up to 86 degrees with the lights on but at night. What am I doing wrong? Please help I’m about to lose my mind!

Yeah those hid’s will put off season heat. Have you thought about the air cooled hoods amd using a fan to extract the heat through ducting out of the tent to cool.the tent off

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I have hps lights

Yes a High Intensity Dishcharge light, hid for short

I was told those hoods were Air cooled

Can you put a picture of them? Of they are air cooled you need to connect ducting from them to the fan to pull the air out

I’ll try to post them

My phone is slow as hell



Maybe @Countryboyjvd1971, can help out on this one. I know those hid’s produce a bunch of heat.

Do you have a fan pulling fresh air in the tent? If so what size are your fans?

Positive pressure means you are not pulling air out of tent as fast as you bring it in the cooled hoods should be vented right out of house as should your exhaust. If you are running AC your air in tent should be on closed loop recirculated and the air used to cool lights should be pulled from another room and right out of house.


Sorry @Hawkeye_diesel I was sleeping
@Donaldj gave great advice and I agree with him
Give that a try with your lights
tent walls should be pulling in a bit then you’ll know you have negative pressure in tent
Intake fan should be running about half of the speed of exhaust also to ensure neg pressure but you shouldn’t need one if you have passive vents and the proper exhaust fan
And since your recycling your air it will just continue to get hotter the longer lights are on venting out of the house or into attic is best you need to get rid of the heat also where do you exhaust that Ac unit ?
One other thing I would put charcoal filter before first hood

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Thanks man I was off trying out what you said. Got a couple more fans oscillating and the temp went down. I’ll let you know what happens thanks again