Grow room air exchanging question?

Ive attached a couple picture of the space so you get an idea of the space. I have 3 tents all going in the one room, as a lung room. My original plan was to do it this way so i could have a veg tent and flower tent at the same time. But currently its 2 batches going 2 weeks apart from each other and just transitioning to flower with the first batch. The room is sealed up pretty good so im thinking i should have an intake of fresh air coming in. Currently the room has to be heated and other months will have to be cooled so im thinking of putting in an ac infinity shutter fan that will exchange the air twice a day. My question is if i run the shutter fan as an exhaust, how its designed, should i have an intake going at the same time? Should i run the exhaust with an open grill on the other side of the room the whole time? Or should i just not worry about it seeing as the plants have been doing great just how it is? This is out of my realm of expertise so some input from someone with this knowledge would be great. As always thanks for your input! Oh yeah, the cubic ft of the room is 1152.


Not sure the best answer, but here is what I will set up later this week:
Flower tent Filtered exhaust into lung room (currently attic, but need to avoid roof snow melt).
Need to conserve heat this winter.
Lung room has garage door (leaks air, winter cooling is no problem).
S4 available to add additional venting.
Veg tent exhausts into flower tent (all in flower, now).
Veg intake during lighted hours requires open a zipper.
Independent 2x2 being set for seedling/clone program has S4 available (no smell).
Got any windows in your lung room?
Filtered Exhaust Vent to attic?

IDEA: for improved efficiency, filter and filtered EXHAUST intake inside largest flower tent, connected to exhaust fan directly (inside tent for noise reduction), no hose, with no hose at tent exhaust from exhaust fan. Lung room provides flower tent intake and re-circulates filtered the most, air. Smell reduction with heat conservation, possibly. Lung room de-humid available, adds 4 degrees and lowers RH in lung room 9all tents).

How im set up right now all three tents are drawing from the lung room and exhausting back into the lung room with ac infinity setups, fan and filter, on each tent. The lung room has 2 dehumidifiers running. One 40 liter and one 30 liter. With the 2 it makes the lung room mid 40s RH. But the tents still run 58 to 60 lights on. Probably cause I have 8 plants per 4x8. I ran the same the first grow with no problems at those levels i think because i keep air moving good all the time. My concern i guess is if i have 19 plants in the whole space will i be depleting the air quality to where i need to be bringing in fresh air periodically. When it gets cold cold though i dont think i necessarily want to bring in air from outside constantly cause it will make my baseboard heaters work overtime. This is all totally new to me but i want to do everything i can to succeed cause there is alot of time and money invested

There’s no one definitive answer, but your thought to exhaust air out of the lung room is a good idea. I also have 3 grow spaces in one room. A 4 x 6 closet, a 2 1/2 × 5 tent, and a 2 x 4 tent.
I struggled to keep the enviromental conditions in check for the first couple of years, but I figured some things out as I went. The best advice I can give you is to try and leave options open for changing seasons and different conditions in your room. For example, my closet grow is set up so that I can redirect the exhaust from the 8" AC Infinity fan from the lung room to my living room. If heat or humidity are getting too high in there, I can send the exhaust out into the living room which draws passive return air back into the lung room. Right now it’s cold where I live, so it’s just recirculating between the lung room and the grow spaces.
I also have 2 options for my bigger tent. It can recirculate, or I can slip the flexible duct onto a fitting that vents into my attic. I’ve learned that what works perfectly during one grow phase often doesn’t do so well during others, and of course seasonal differences change everything.
Best move I ever made was installing a mini split system in the lung room. After years of struggling and spending a small fortune on dehumidifiers and portable AC units only to continue having issues, I finally got smart and put in an 18,000 BTU unit that has AC, dehumidify, and heat modes.
So now between the mini split and the different venting options, I never have problems anymore no matter what I have going on or what the outside conditions are.

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Clone tent has window open.
Clone tent exhausts unfiltered into lung room.
Veg tent has window open.
Veg tent exhausts into Flower tent.
Flower tent has S4 max exhaust into large filter back into lung room.
Flower tent has T6 controlled exhaust into attic for additional temperature control.
Windows can be opened, but its cold out there.
With new configuration (not full exhaust into attic), lung room no longer requires hat and coat.
Less klenex for nose, too.
Watching and balancing controlers, fans, and windows, tonight.
Oh what fun, it will be when I get this dialed in, again.
Good growing to you!