Grow Bible design is updated

Hi folks!

We’ve given the Grow Bible a, much needed, fresh lick of paint (the last time we updated it was in 2021). Credits go to Logan from the team (you might have talked to him for support-related questions previously), for his efforts in bringing the Grow Bible to the year 2023.

The contents are largely the same but we’ve restructured it slightly, so it flows better. The biggest change can be found in the overall feel and readability.

We are very happy with it and we hope you appreciate the updates too. Though please do let us know if anything stands out to you.

You can download a new copy of the Grow Bible from our eBooks page.


It looks really great, modern concept. I like the images you guys have added as well. Great job!


thats awesome, thanks for the update

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Hell yeah that’s awesome


Good stuff Mitch!