That’s probably not the issue, but wait until your cure is done to put boveda in.

You seem to have all the right stuff. What are your temps typically? Where do you hang to dry and what are conditions there?

Greenhouse goes for at max $130 an ounce around here usually $100. Imo it’s definitely weaker than indoor. When I was buying bud if I saw greenhouse I’d give a hard pass 90% of the time. I have smoked bomb greenhouse before but most of the stuff I see smells and looks good but lacks staying power.

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How are you gauging maturity?


From what I’ve read - to harvest @ 75% amber colored pistils - I have a jeweler’s loupe and that’s when I harvest. I was also (recently) told THAT was wrong and 10 days too late - to harvest @ all white pistils. Now I’m unsure as this doesn’t seem to be successful. ?

I’d sure like to visit with those that have ‘bomb’ greenhouse smoke. Do you happen to know IF they’re on this site/forum?

From another forum:

If the trichomes are turning amber it’s past harvest and the thc has mostly down converted to CBN (?). Harvest sooner when the trichomes are frosty white. Sounds like your about 1-2 weeks late on cutting.

Is there a film I could cover the glass with? Some sort of ‘grow film’ ? I’m not sure I have trouble with growing… it’s the potency of the bud that’s a problem. MJ

I start my harvest when I’m around 50/50 clear cloudy and go right through to around 25/75. Not a fan of the amber at all. Don’t mind the odd bit but not preferred

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Not that I know of. You’ve got the wheels turning tho

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That person isn’t a good authority on ripeness.

Ripeness is subjective, although there is clearly a window between entirely clear and plant death that we all abide. The effect is what matters, and that’s going to be different between cultivars, consumers, and trichome ratios.

What seems to be true across most cultivars is that a higher clear trichome percentage seems to be more psychoactive, while a predominantly amber trichome count seems to be more soporific.

That doesn’t mean that the flowers would be less potent though; instead, it might mean you end up with an undesirable effect based on your own needs.

My hunch was that you might have taken the plants down too early, which is an common mistake. It doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

How were the plants dried? Was the area dark? What temperature did you maintain?

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I trimmed them, then hung upside down (still on stems) in a closet indoors - so around 70*. I cure for appx 6 weeks… So far I haven’t heard much + for greenhouse growing, but certainly outdoors would be more what nature intended.

Thank you… I’m going to try that this time!

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Do you happen to know these people with “bomb” greenhouse smoke that I could speak to?

It’s all about finding that sweet spot that you like. I label the date, the strain and the ratio 50/50 or whatever it was. Takes you through to couch lock if that’s your thing :sunglasses:

So diffuse woven is the right step to get if I am starting out to build DIY greenhouse? I’m willing to try it out if it helps plants get everything they need from sunlight.

like this kind of greenhouse cover? @Cannabian


looks similar, and its probably good? Is it UV stabilized?
Check out Northern Greenhouse Supply for the proper stuff. You should be able to find a dealer for it in your area.

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@ccason this seems like a dumb question, but have you ever experienced dried flower that was more potent than your unsuccessful crop? I ask because my partner seems immune to cannabis, and I wonder if you just have an inherently high tolerance. Just covering all bases.

edit: Also, can you possibly post a close up (macro) photo of some dried flower that lacked potency?


Are they decent price? And yes it is UV stabilized @Cannabian

I got somewhat of an answer for that! I had a old friend that hasn’t had smoked before the first times he had smoked he never felt high whatsoever. Usually everyone’s different doesn’t matter whether you smoke alot or never before. For me I smoke every day of super dank and even eat high dosage edibles. I get high Everytime if it’s really good stuff. But with other bag weed I won’t get nearly as high as I would be on high thc cannabis. Question does he smoke alot? Or just a couple puffs? Basically it’s like how certain people can get drunk with only a shot or two of alcohol and then you have people that don’t get drunk off couple shots talking about people that never drank a day in their lives. But yeah IMO different people have different effects.

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No. That’s not true. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to grow inside w/o using uv lights.

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