Greenhouse GoldLeaf first grow

Wondering why my plant is not gold or yellow like pictures of gold leaf. This is my first grow just using sunlight and nutrients pack from ilgm had light on for veg and turned of when flowering. I’m I doing good or no? Lol


You are doing good, some images are photoshopped with color, etc. don’t pay it any mind, also usually the strain will be different every time you grow if


Unless you’re cloning it’s hard to get identical colors. Yours is looking good.


You can never go with the pictures.

Goldleafs can come in all sorts of colors

This Gold Leaf looked alot like yours until week 6, then every fan slowly faded to bright yellow, and now at 8 wks it’s…


Beautiful job! Nice and frosty

Totally gentics, and nothing of my doing

I did notice some color change when I took picture from diffrent angle but I don’t know how to photoshop or I would have made it look top notch lol.

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