Green Crack question

Got some green crack seeds from growers choice. They are growing but in my research on the strain its coming up that there are no seeds for green crack. It’s a clone only plant. I sent them a note asking them to explain what they sent me. They are growing but now I’m confused as to what I have. Anyone know about this strain? Is the seed story true?


Several places advertise the seeds for sale. I’ve never heard of a clone only strain. It would be a little difficult when it comes to distribution.


Thanks for the response. Keep finding that statement on YouTube videos about the strain.

I have heard of this too, but put much doubt in it… Probably just guys trying to sound like they have special stuff… :man_shrugging:

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Also I just thought of something, it is usually easy to tell if a plant is grown from seed or if it’s a clone… Seed grown is usually far more symmetrical with node placement. So we need to keep our eyes out for this when we hear “clone only strain”…


Perhaps with a particular breeder maybe?

Several members here have grown Green Crack from seed


I have been told the same thing about a strain of seeds I found in a bag of bud I purchased. I got some Jamba Juice seeds and was told it’s a rare strain and usually only found in clone form. Was told it’s a hard plant to grow. Gonna try it in the fall grow anyway.

I would imagine growers choice (or whoever the breeder was) got a Green Crack clone and made their own feminized seeds. Does that mean what you are growing will be just like the famous Green Crack clone - sadly no, while the genetics are there in the seed, you will/could get a different phenotype or genetic expression than the infamous Green Crack clone. Playing the lottery with seeds, where as if you got a Green Crack clone then it would be identical to the mother plant.

It’s why seed banks and ILGM as well cannot sell Gorilla Glue #4 seeds. GG#4 is a trademarked clone only famous strain, sure you can buy a GG#4 clone and breed your own seeds (what the seed sellers do) but what you grow will not be the award winning GG#4, the genetics are there in the seeds but once again with seeds you are playing the lottery and you will mostly get plants inferior to the real GG#4 as that great plant was picked out from hundreds or even thousands of seed grows to find the absolute best of the genetic possibilities. But the seed sellers can sell you Gorilla Glue seeds but to think they will all grow plants just like GG#4 is not realistic.

There are many famous clone only strains and you’ll be lucky to find a seed that will be as good as the clone it originated from in small home grows. Sometimes you get lucky and might find a plant from seed that is as good or almost as good as the clone it came from but most of them time will be not as good.

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