Grandaddy Purple autoflower seedlings very small at 25 days-planted in Ocean Forest

From a fellow grower: GDP beans out of 8 they all germinated after a week 1 didn’t make it. now they have been up for 23 days and out of the remaining 7 only 1 looks good the other 6 only have 2 sets of leaves out very small stalks and look very weak. Ocean Forest soil.


Ocean forest seems kind of hot for seedlings imo


Temps and RH are critical for seedling growth. Temps look great but the RH is considerably low. 65-70% RH is needed, I would take a clear solo cup, must the inside and cover them. They’ll absorb the moisture through the leaves and water a ring around the cup every other day or so. When growing autos the seedling and early veg growth is critical or you’ll have a plant 8-12” flowering :love_you_gesture:


FFOF has burned the first one or two sets of leaves of everything I’ve planted in it. As they get older, they will adjust.

Like @OGIncognito stated, bump that rh up a good bit to the 65-70% range. A wet rag on the floor can help. At their size, a humidity dome should still be ok.

Also, when watering, go in a ring a couple inches from the stem so your roots are working and reaching. More root development = more nutrient uptake = more juicy, delish nuggetry.


Hey Bud. I had a similar issue with my White Widow Auto.
Good advice below. Put a dome on them and water around the edge every other day.
These are my girls after 27 days.

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Just my 2 cents have them do a soil slurry test. Check the PH and the PPM and see where they’re at. The last bag of ocean forest I had the ph of the soil was 5.4. Really low. And it is hot. I checked the soil because I ran into the same problem my clones were not growing. So I gave the soil a good flush with some good PH water. Then I put a heating pad underneath the pot and a fan pointed at the soil to help dry it out as fast as possible. Might have to repeat the process after soil dries if they’re still not growing. Good luck and happy growing:)