Grand Hindu Salvage

On top of my fairly successful GG4 experience this summer, her companion was a Grand Hindu strain that really got clobbered by too much mid afternoon sun, hot wind. In hind sight, overwatering may have been what started it all. I pretty much chased my tail thinking there were nutrient issues that needed addressing. Feeling the sting of failure, I almost got rid of her. Taking advantage of our unheard of PNW sun until mid October, I am so glad I did not because the flavor profile is extremely delicious. Hashy and sweet piney aroma with deep,

very long lasting mind and body effects. On top of that, the honey bees loved her as well. Think they were trying to tell me something good was about to happen.


I had one plant the bees really liked. I glad you decided to keep her!

Me too! I protected her from the hottest sun during the last part of summer. She was in bad shape and came through pretty nicely. Not nearly to her full potential. Wish I had done cloth pots on both. Learning.

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I got a 7gal tote full of a Zkittles i battled with.
It was an autoflower that didn’t auto flower :neutral_face: :sweat_smile:
So it vegged for like 4 month’s in an autopot with peatmoss. By time i flipped it the moss was breaking down and half-way through flower i couldn’t control the PH in the medium. It was a night mare.
However, if you take tje time to dig out the dead leafs, its some tasty hard nugs.

Not much will be trimed though, it’s to much :face_exhaling:
I will make bho with it as is.

But i learned two lessons with it.
Peatmoss is not good for a long grow in autopots for sure.
And don’t give up on things just cause they look bad, appearances aren’t everything :grin:


Perseverance and patience I found were needed for the snowflake (sensitive) plants. I also wonder if those girls get mad at me for calling them Gary?


I gotta believe that their weedy DNA makes them pretty forgiving of so much. Yes, the patience is a remarkably hard thing to observe sometimes. Thank you JaneQP.

Hey, looks like you got a nice turnout. My main issue with being outdoors is that I can never get the buds to fill out like indoor grown. Fairly convinced it’s my growing medium and my PH Balance issues as well.
PH is so linked to overall health…just wish it wasn’t so hard to nail that 6.5 right out of the gate.
I grew in plastic this year. The year before in cloth pots with no watering issues.

Were you happy with the end product? Looks quite nice.

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Obviously i wish it didn’t happen but other then so many dead leafs, it’s good smoke.
I started 4 Zkittles autos 3 auto flowered and was good smoke.
This one that i had to flip after it got absolutely huge compared to the other 3 and never flowred. I harvested the 3 and flipped the 4th the same week.
But back to the point :sweat_smile: the one that looked like crap was more potent, smelled better, and the only 1 to display any color (good bit of purple spread through it).

It should make some great considerate so all things considered, I’m happy. I do wish it was an easier trim though, I’d like to keep some of the flower, but ots just to much for me to deal with :disappointed:

I had 4 - 8 footers to work through trimming on last year. That was so much work. Not a huge fan other than it’s your product you’re beautifying. Kept some of the leaves on my Do-Si-Dos just cause I kind of like the Fall Bouquet of color…pretty. LOL