Gorilla Glue.....is it male or Female?

Ok, here’s the age old question. Male or Female ? I ordered 20 fem seeds . Out of that I have 8 pretty healthy plants. One of the Gorilla glue looks like it could be a Male. Here it is…
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I am by no means an expert but it looks female to me. :blush:


I don’t see it, but they got pollinated by something. Congratulations, you’re a grandparent. Find the nanner. Not seeing it on that plant. Would most likely be your tallest/thinnest plant that hermied. I see only pollinated calyx here, not what pollinated them. Still never found my last hermie. But I’ll link the pollinated calyx, contrary to the info in the thread. There was indeed a hermie somewhere. Pretty sure it was the early cull, but was too late anyway. Confirmation of hermie

They were not balls as the thread states. They were indeed pollinated tho.
That plant looks female to me. But definitely a nanner in that tent somewhere

From the one picture I can see it looks like a plant that went to flower and is now in reveg. OR I’m just a blind old man with dirty glasses , move along , nothing to see here…


If your vpd (and water) is correct the only reason you will see calyx swollen that much is pollination. If you have an infared thermometer minus avg leaf temp from ambient temp then use corresponding graph. Heres 0-5° variations. I’ve found seeds in almost every plant grown with my similair girl.

I see swollen calyxes, female parts. Dose look like she reveg, probably put them outside early, not enough daylight caused flowering, days got longer back to veg. calyxes get nice and swollen in flower, at least on my plants they do.

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Isn’t Gorilla Glue Hermie by nature? I bought an eighth from the dispensary and found a seed in it.

“Hermie by nature” is not a good thing. There have been lots of heartache over the seedbank and hermies. The idea is to breed them to be female as often as possible without causing non conditional hermies. A strain that hermies 100% of the time should be re bred or let die.


One of the parents of Gorilla Glue, Chem was a hermaphrodite. Apparently it carries that trait. Seems as though it is better to clone. Maybe the seed banks have it out there so you can pheno hunt and start a good clone Doesn’t work with autos though. The pics I have seen of it have been so frosty it would be hard to not let people try and grow it. Maybe just put a disclaimer about hermie problems. I have some autos if it to grow and after reading these posts I am going to keep a close eye on her (or him).

All feminized seeds have a hermie father… that’s litterally what makes them femenized. Doesn’t mean ya want them to hermie… A feminized seed has two mother’s. Just one of them was turned male to produce pollen (colladial silver usually). So it’s a female pollinating a female.

That’s is correct when you are creating more seeds but when the original strain was created is there always a hermaphrodite involved?

Nope. Something went wrong if it hermies without environmental stress. No breeder is trying to make a strain that negates it from being sensimillia.

Why would my gorilla glue (only one I have ever bought) from the dispensary carry a seed. I have spoken to several friends who have experienced the same thing from dispensaries. I have also read about people online as well. I just feel it has more of a tendency than most any other strain to hermie and have read that as well. It is so dang pretty and potent they couldn’t let it go.

There are of course strains that are more likely to hermie. But we have to attribute that to environmental stress. If you’re completely dialed in and nothing abnormal happens. You should never see a hermie. Check out this thread. That helped bring the ILGM zkittles issue to light. Hellraiser grows Zkittlez and Banana Kush in coco with Jacks 321

One seed means the plant got pollinated in one spot. An open window with a breeze can cause that. Another plant that is male or hermied within half a mile, can cause that.


So it’s a Hermie? Should I pull it? Or get it away from my other plants?

I’d go nanner hunting. I don’t think it’s that plant. If you squeeze one of those calyx what comes out? Do you see white powder on any of the plants? I bet you’ll get a clear/sticky liquid. Seed starting. Thicker than water.
If you look close enough I bet the pollen (white powder) will point itself out. Since the opening literally just drops it down. If there isn’t a fan directly on the plants, you might see the pollen first.

I have been reading about landrace strains lately and terroir. I’m going to try some pollinating this next go round. Since environment can only cause hermie, would you have to keep the environment as close to the original environment as possible or just a general environment? How much does a slight difference play?

Light cycles are most important when preventing a hermie. They hermie as a defense mechanism, they sense the need to procreate but can’t wait around anymore. If you can keep your tent closed/light proof during transition and first couple weeks of flowering, you’ll be golden. Especially with landrace strains. Since they can’t have feminized seeds and be landrace. To truly be landrace they have to be as unaltered as possible. Meaning they have the least chance of becoming a hermie, since there should be no hermies in their lineage.

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The top photo and last Photos is female. But the rest I can’t tell with my bad vision.

I didn’t see anything coming out. The plant is fairly young/small.