Gorilla glue help needed

need help please first time grower. My plants just get taller but have no new leaves they are 3 weeks.they get tall and start to bend then they get dry.

Need to increase light (ppfd) and bring it closer to plant. Brace that thing with some wire or Something so she can’t fall over and die. Once she bulks up you’ll be fine

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Its the light that is causing it. One its not enough light and second, its to far away. :+1:

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Definetely needs more light as its reaching to find it. I have used what I’ll call extenders in the past to address stretching. Take a plastic cup and cut the bottom portion off leaving an inch or two of the top. Gently place over top of ypur plant. Add dirt to shorten stem. The stem will now become part of your root.

Thank you

Thank you :+1:t3:

I just transplanted them put more dirt on the stem so it won’t bend.Also put the light closer I really don’t know if the light I am using is good enough it’s a led light bulb of 24 watts.

It’s not enough light. 3 weeks old should be much farther along. Light is the number one thing you gotta have.

Thanks for the help what type of light do you recommend.