Gorilla Glue autoflower not growing after 10 days

From a fellow grower: Gorilla Glue auto. It is planted in happy Frog soil with a light schedule of 15 hours of light. Indoor environment with good ventilation and constant temp of 73 . Plant refuses to grow after 10 days of sprouting .

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I have only tried to grow auto’s once and of the four seeds one did exactly this, sprouted with round leaves out and standing about 3 inch tall then it stopped never grew anymore and roots never came out of the rockwool cube…threw her away after 7 days of no change…she wasn’t dieing just stagnant.

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Be patient. Here’s mine at 13 days

Slow growing but they’ll kick out of it eventually. Are you in coco? If so feed lightly

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Big pots, takes a bit for the roots to branch out and grow , root structure helps determine how the plants will grow. Shallow wide pots tend to be bushier ,taller skinny pots generally give lanky taller plants. once that happens they usually take off :+1::+1::v:


I would get those temps up around 80 and an RH of 65-70%. Low temps can stall young seedlings, typically they’re close to transplant at this age but I would cover her with a solo cup to create some condensation inside for the leaves to absorb to feed her until the roots can become more established. Water a nice ring about 6” outside the solo cup, that get those roots spreading out searching for the water :love_you_gesture:

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Have you overwatered? That would be my best guess from the pic and limited information.


I was thinking the same thing, but the picture was kinda dark.

Another tip run your light 24/7 and maybe lower it, don’t know a lot about purple lights, also agree with above shoot for highest humidity you can and make sure your soil is warm enough too. Also what germination method did you use ?

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You should look into upgrading your lighting from what I can see.

Here are my girls after 13 days. The GSC was 13 days, the plant behind it (Northern Lights) only 8 days.

Oh. Always remember: Growing is learning.