Gorilla Glue #4 Seedling

Each of the GG#4 plants in the pics below seems to be growing good in their 6 inch net pot in a DWC bucket system… The 3rd set of leaves have fully formed and the 4th set is on its way. As you can see, the 2nd and 3rd sets of leaves only have 3 pedals… When will the traditional fan leaf appear??

These are grown from seed…

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They will start spitting 5,7,9 finger fan leaves once she gets more established. Looking good!

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They looking good !

nice strain selection mate!

Usually you will get the classic leaf look by the 5th or 6th node.

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They are coming along! Here is pics as of today (19 days from seed sprout) of plant with roots as 2nd pic…

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Theyre on my wish list next grow. Im watching

I will continue to post pics and updated… I noticed a couple of the leaves edges were curled up slightly… It just happened in the last 24 to 48 hours and it is only a couple of leaves… I checked the ppm, ph and temp, but everything was good. I added hydroguard to protect against root rot… I am going to do a full water change tomorrow… I will add pics asap…

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As stated in the last comment, I noticed the edges of some of my leaves curling upward… I checked everything and looked at possible causes and checked those things, but everything like ppm, ph, and temperature looks good… Now I am begining to believe root rot could be the possible culprit since I have checked everything else… Is it possible to fix??? I added the recommended dose of hydroguard, but am not sure what else to do… The water level is one inch below the bottom of the pots… The seeds were started in paper towels and then put into rockwool once they popped… I almost want.ro remove from the rockwool, but they are far enough along that I am sure that would be a big problem and may just kill it all together… This curling just showed up 2 days ago… It is slight, but is definitely worse today than yesterday… Here are a few pick…


What is your humidity and how close is the light to the plant… ?

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I had to ad a small humidifier, but am able to keep the humidity between 40 and 60… The Light is a viparspectra 600 watt… I have it 38 inches from the top of the plant…

At 27 days, things are looking pretty good… I decided to go with FIM’ing since it seemed way less damaging… And I will use LST for the remainder of the 2 - GG4 girls that I have going… I believe most of my concerns have somewhat stabilized or at least are not a huge issue…

**A couple of notes for the next cycle… First, clones must be easier than seeds… Seeds are not hard, but I feel like I am at least 1 to 2 weeks behind… Second, I will definitely incorporate a 25+ gallon reservoir that my DWC pots circulate through… Checking each pot and trying to get 2 gallons stabilized is very difficult!!! I am constantly adjusting something!! Third, a larger tent may be necessary to keep a continuous cycle… I started several plants so I would have the correct amount survive no matter what… But now, I have too many and I don’t want to toss any… lol

PS… Does anyone think the red on the stems is an issue?? I have been told that it is normal with GG4, but it seems extreme…

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