Gold Leaf Photo going to bud 30 days after germination

I planted 3 Bergmans Gold Leaf photos on Feb 28, before they were even 30 days old they have started to bud. 2 of them look alike and the 3rd one, has fatter leaves but is still flowering. These are outside in large pots and get light sunrise to sunset with 9 hrs of direct sun. I didn’t expect photo’s to flower so soon!?. Do the BGL have a shorter life span? These are not autos. I also have 5 bubblegum auto and 4 white widow auto and they started to flower at 19 days and are now doing very well even tho the tallest WW is only 20 inches, much shorter than other ww grows.

It’s the short hours. Once it gets warmer and nights get shorter, it’ll revegg

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Thank you, I’ve started taking them for rides in a big wagon to follow the sun, we’ll see what happens

They never did reveg, just continued to flower, the tallest is only 32 inches tall and the other 2 are 26 inches . I have my doubts that these are really photo’s because they are only about 10 to 14 days behind the auto’s which were harvested on may 16th. I will have to say again that I have never seen photo’s go to flower and be done this fast. I will try another batch to see if I get same results. I will say that since I started using FF nutes the buds are unbelievably huge with the 32 in. plant having a cola that is 5 in. in diameter!.