Gold leaf indoors

When should I top for SOG grow with up to +/- 68" light height, also any guidance on when to shape with LST…or when to stop. Alternatively is there a week by week guide?

Just finishing a white widow auto that is looking great…

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I believe most wait til about the 5tg or 6th node and top down to the 4th node it’s all depend dang upon ur room height and how much space u want to have to be able to water good and not be a pain in the arse. I try and leave myself 6 inches between scrogs and pot tops anything lower makes it a pain in the butt to water. Widow looks nice BTW. A Lil droopy looking maybe thirsty but looks nice.

What week is that white widow in looks like week three or four its a nice looking plant i would of defoliated a bit and lollipop the bottom of the plant ,this is my white widow auto week 8 of flower

That photo was end of week 4 of flower stage. I did remove a lot of extra large fan leaves early on but Robert (or someone at support) recommended not defoliating these autos… but may try that with next grow. Also going to top the main cola towards end of vegetative stage to better Scrog next time and have a more even canopy and lower the light more. I did upgrade from a ts1000 to a mars hydro fc-e3000 LED light right after flower stage got going and that seems to have helped a lot.