Going into week ten of flower

You can let white widow turn completely amber , but after you smoke the first half ounce to rotate it , you know , i do understand your dyer need . All im saying you need to find a heavy resin sedative strain like GG4 , Military :military_helmet: Chocolate , Sundae Stallion , Grease Monkey :monkey: , Lava Cake , Dream Hunter , Pxyx styx , are find you a good atrong hybrid like a 70/30 Indica/ Sativa balance helps me lots , Sativas straibs tge majority makes me hurt worse , Caffienne , so I avoid them as much as i can unless its a favorite i might ? Like liquor , Hennessey i wont drink it , Hennessey X.O. i might take a shot :thinking:, the juice must be worth the squeeze are im not even wasting my energy or strength .

Off to go get some hennyπŸ€ͺ

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