Godfather OG: is it hard to grow?

Anyone have experience growing Godfather OG?

I note that Godfather OG is not listed among easy to grow photoperiod plans suitable for beginners whereas, say, Critical Mass is considered suitable for the novice grower.

I wonder why this is. I am considering buying Godfather OG seeds on sale for my living soil experiments.

Am I wiser choosing Critical Mass?


If you have all the necessary equipment, nutes and can control the environment you should be able to grow any strain. That’s not to say some aren’t easier to deal with than others. If you run into any problems the experienced growers can help you with whatever the issue may be.


I agree w @Outlaw . That being said two gfog i done have been hard to manage the canopy some stay short and some stretched over 2 ft in flower. Some have shown some great purples and black colors with awsome tight buds that ripened nicely and others taller colas that werent as tight and seemed to not want to ripen and foxtailed bunch. This grow ive got 4 under a scrog that ive keptt low and will label them when i take clones so i can continue with the pheno and stop cultivating the other. So even though i got the seeds from ilgm and theyre same ordernumber there are two totally different phenos. Both smoked great but shows this strain cant be said to be hard or easy to grow. Canopy management is necessary. Sorry for rambling and maybe not even being helpful. I gotsome crap going on


I love rambling!

What size pots did you grow them in? I’m under the impression they would require something more like 10 to 15 gallons and you would do just one or two plants in a 2x4 space.

It is said to be a big plant.

Yeah, canopy management.

How low are you keeping that scrog now for the four new ones?

What kind of lights are you using and what distances and intensities are you setting them at?

How did you do the soil and nutrients?

My vague plan is to do living soil and as little adding as possible. Not sure if this is realistic or not.

As you can see I’m full of questions.

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IMO five gallon pots would be the max for a couple of plants in a 2x4. More medium equals bigger plants. I’m having space issues right now in a 2x4 with three GG4 autos in 3 gallon pots. I’m not even six weeks into the grow…

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I will take a few pics in the am so you can see the height. The light in the 4x4 is hlg 600r its probably 30 inches above and dimmed to meet DLI. i stay on top of temp and humidity tto stay in the range according to vpd. I use coco for medium. I never wanted to use soil. I wanted to grow w some form of hydro for better results i started with flood and drain but switched to coco and automated feeding and use jacks 321 for nutes. More in the am. Its been a very rough day. Im goin to sleep.

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This is day 16 since flipped lights this weekend i will clean up the underside

This is the previous grow which is still happening. The other 6 chopped a week ago and these two are still mostly clear.a pain in my butt. Messin up my schedule

On the other hand here is some memberberry that behaves nicely

The last time i put gfog in this room with the hps lights they stretched to 6 feet. Im thinking ill put gfog outside this spring and it can do what its genetically going to do. Should be interesting
By the way bottom trellis is where i set the scrog and 2nd net is support for buds at end or close to end of stretch


Thank you for posting those!

I see what you mean about the uneven growth and variation in height. It looks difficult to manage the canopy.

The description indicates they are smaller or lower growing plants but that is clearly not the case in your experience.

Did you top them or do other kinds of training or pruning besides scrogging? I like the PVC scrog frame.

It does not look like you are using large pots.

What kind of medium and nutes are you using?

That grow room looks massive. You are a hard-working grower!

Sorry I see in your previous post you are using Jax news and coco for medium.

Godfathet was a easy grow with some huge fat colas


Give some details on your method if you feel like it: medium, nutrients, training, how high did they grow? How is your grow space and what size pots did you use?

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Its actually here in my journal and the godfather o.g grow journal. I was 1 of the 1st few to grow it when ILGM came out with it.

I grew it in 3 gallon buckets in Canna coco. 3x3 tent using hlg blackbird light.

She got lst while in veg and lollipoped while in flower. Tps nutrition line with fish shit and photosynthesis +.

I believe i had her in veg for 90 days or a bit more. I got 3.2oz dry up and she tested at 28.6 % thc


Holy smokes that’s strong stuff!

I did not realize there was a Godfather OG grow journal. I will look for it, thank you.

I am surprised people are using 3 gallon buckets. I guess I had just assumed that something that’s supposed to be big and heavy would need a bigger pot.

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I have used 1 gallon and 2 gallons and probably will again down the line. I havent used bothing bigger than 3 gallons and im very happy with my results. On top is the journal i kinda started u at day 19 of flower 4 me but u r more than welcome to go thru it and see the different growers growing it. Really love this community and dont b afraid 2 ask question


Beautiful shots and beautiful plant! Thank you for posting that!

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No problem at all. Ima be growing her again very soon. 1 of my best highes was with her it tasted n smelled amazing…


You have this informational 411 THC highway of knowledge at your hands, if you have good light, good genetics, you have some very knowledgeable veteran growers that will assist you as needed. Its like ALLSTATE, your in good hands.

Go for it!

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One is 4x4 one another is 4x8. The room with the hps lights is 6x8 ive found that 3 gallon pots work best for me. So much growing that i couldnt do it without automation

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