Goal Leaf time to harvest?

When do I harvest based on trichomes and flowering week…I say one week…this girl in into week 9 flowering…

Did you mean to say Gold Leaf?
If so, the claimed flower time is 56 days (8 weeks) for an autoflower and 63 days (9 weeks) for a regular plant. Those are ideal times under ideal conditions - in general you should add about 2 weeks for a realistic amount of time.
Judging by your trichomes, you have a few weeks to go. Remember to look at the trichomes on the buds, not the leaves.

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Yea its Gold Leaf…thx for the advice…I was thinking at least another week…now to figure out how to edit that blog header…Cheers!

@moon2c how did you get those great pictures

[Carson zOrb USB Digital Computer Microscope with 65x Magnification (Based on 21 inch Monitor), Surf Blue]

I’ve been wanting to get something but that sounds like I can’t afford it great pictures

I agree with @TommyBahama you’ve got weeks left. Zero amber and still some clear.

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