Girl scout cookies extreme deficiency

Using m3 Michigan mix. I’m torn on deficiency, not suppose to have to add nutes to this soil but obviously something is missing. I’m started foliar spray of Epson salt thinking sulfur/mag but want 2nd opinion. Could be nitro deficiency.

What’s the PH? If it’s good then give it a shot of fertilizer

Ph is around 6.5-6.7. Yeah looks like it’s needs it but supposedly it had everything so I didn’t want to burn them

You ain’t gonna burn it, if it was me I would give it a full shot of fertilize and everything else but the kitchen sink. Don’t buy into soil manufactors claims, as they are often false.


How often you watering them as they look a tad dry.

Every 2-3 days, still damp at fingertip depth so wasn’t thinking needed water. But ill hit them with fertilizer today and see how it goes

Never had this problem with ocean forest, should have stuck with what I know works I guess lol

Thanks for input I really needed a 2nd opinion on the decision to nute or not

That’s my conclusion. They look underfed.

I’d give them 1/2 a dose, but that’s just me. Do feed them though…

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Its always to go with the devil you know than the one you dont know at least with ocean Forest you knew how ur plants turned out before

Is that ph from the run-off or what you water/fed them?

I’m getting ready to feed and test them now. But yeah was the runoff

I agree tezz, was trying to be lazy lol, didn’t work out

So maybe u can help me with some truth on the 12/12 lighting for photos, if it’s lights out time should I pull them to water them or wait until lights on

Also I’m new to soil, mainly a hydro guy, any input on specific soil, im listening?

So run off was 6.3 so not bad there

So I gave them a half dose of ff grow big and big bloom, see what happens

How much light you hitting them with? some lights suck up the calmag

Spider sfu4000 at 80%

About 24" away