GGauto phenotype variability?

My first grow (outside) with Gorilla Glue autos initially yielded 6 seedlings out of six seeds. 3 seedlings became runts, 1 was mediocre growth, and 2 were big (for autos) vigorous plants. All were planted in the same medium (Coast of Maine seed starter) and given equal amounts of water, sun, and environments. The second grow (again outside) with the same batch of seeds yielded one very vigorous growth and a second mediocre growth. Root system for the first was extensive and the second mediocre. (The second is now catching up).
Is the phenotype expression accounting for the variability, considering the complicated genetics of autos? I tried to keep all other variables the same. Thanks.

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@ragrad No two seeds are ever alike. Its genetics. Think of it like this. Your parents had 5 children. All of you look differently due to genetics. Otherwise you all would be identical looking. The world would definitely suck if everyone looked alike. :+1::+1::+1:

If you want them to be alike, Clone. @Hellraiser has a topic dedicated to cloning.