Getting Started

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

“I am interested in getting a breakdown for my first grow. I would liked to get a small tent, led lighting,exuast fan { to eliminate order } start with soil and small this is for medicinal purposes and to cut down my cost. I will purchase feminized white widow. If you could advise me on what to purchase and cost, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.”

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The tent size will depend on how many plants your want to grow
I grow 4 plants per tent 4x4x7 tents
Any more it just to crowded
A quick rule of thumb is 50watts of light per square foot
Leds you can go from 35-50 watts and use actual watts drawn not the equivalent watts that they light mfg says fir instance most 300 watt led fixtures will actually draw 130-50 watts
Filter and exhaust fan will also be sized for tent size
My tents are just over 100 cubic feet and I run 100 cfm exhaust fans with carbon filter
That means my Air is exchanged every min
I also run a intake fan at about half the speed of my exhaust and I can turn it up a little if needed
I keep my grow room at 68-70degrees and my tents run at 78 with lights on
I run 800 watts actual in one tent and 650 actual watts in second tent