Getting ready to defoliate

Hello everyone, I’m almost at week 3 of the flowering phase and preparing to cut a bunch of nuisance fan leaves off of my plant to give light to more bud sites, each plant has the bottom 3 nodes removed and all have a total of 6 nodes each, flowering began on June 1st @ exactly 60 days old. I’m planning to defoliate on the 20th. I’m here to get any tips on what leaves I should cut (I’m immediately cutting 3 sets of big fan leaves that connect to the main branch just below the nodes off each plant) from there though I will not know what to cut without some advice, can I cut the fan leaves below the bud sites but not connected to them?

Also, I’m currently using fish sh!t, cal mag, b52, and tiger bloom buds & bloom fertilizer to feed my plants. I’m assuming I’m going to need something else to feed my plants to assist in fattening up buds & producing more of the good things like terpenes & trichomes & thc. Also, each nute I mentioned is alkalitic & the onky thing I have to bring ph of my water down is ammonium sulfate which is 20% nitrogen & I know I’m not supposed to be giving my plants so much N is there any tricks I can use to lower it? I’m not trying to put faith in a Google search relating that subject lol

The node spacing on your plants is pretty wide. Defoliation is usually done to maximize airflow and light penetration. Your plants need help with neither given the node spacing and they need those leaves to manufacture the sugars the plants need for proper development. I wouldn’t defoliate them.

The plants look a little heavy on nitrogen, though it doesn’t appear to be hurting the plant at this point. I wouldn’t add anything with additional nitrogen. Many of is use General Hydroponics pH down to lower pH or pH Up to raise pH.

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Well. I would just tuck
Fans leaves are kinda the heart of a plant.


:+1: agree

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You talking about this stuff? I got these with a digital ph tester off Amazon but I’m too paranoid to add this cuz I’m not 100% sure of what it is lol

And regarding the leaves what about the big ones that actually block light from lower sites? Like the 3 sets I mentioned in my original post, could I just remove them and leave the rest? Or would leaving them shaded with the leaves attached be the better route. I’m going for potency at the end of the day idk if that correlates at all

No. These little envelops contain a powder with which to make a solution for calibrating your pH meter. It is not for adjusting pH in your grow. Best to use General Hydroponics pH Up or pH Down (or something similar.)

Your plants need all of those leaves. The node spacing is wide and your plants need those leaves. Again, I wouldn’t defoliate at all.


And I do have one indica plant that’s short & stubby at around 23 inches should I do any special treatment to this one? It’s taken a beating its kinda been my test dummy since this is my first super serious grow but it’s hung in there and imo has the thickest and most developed pistils so far which really surprised me

Will tucking the leaves damage them? I notice when I do it they sometimes get solidified & start looking unhealthy in awkward positions will that stress the plant out at all?


The best thing you could consider for improving your grow is better lighting. The wide node spacing you have on your plants is a symptom of inadequate lighting. Your plants otherwise look very healthy.

Thank you. It wouldn’t have been a good idea to add that crap. I just placed an order for the ph down bottle, should be here tomorrow. Appreciate it cuz I haven’t been able to decide what ph lower nute to use on my plants. I’ll keep on truckin with the tips yall gave me :+1: wish I could share the final product with the people who comment lol

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I use 2 wakyme j2000s usually set to 100 watts each that I try to keep about 30 inches away (if they should be closer or if I should should my lights up lmk) and 3 brite lite Leds set to only red lights. I’ve never quite gotten the lighting down because if I turn them up to about 150W each, the fan leaves turn sideways as to try and shade themselves and at one point during veg I couldn’t tell if I was going through a period of N toxicity or light/heat burn so I turned down the notch regarding nutes and lighting around that time & never bothered increasing lighting since

Hmmm :thinking:! No need to defoliation, there’s is plenty of air to the plants. Looks like slow, to no plant growth. What lights are you using, 4 plants in that space, you need at least 600 watt min of lights! for the plant growth. Hope that helps

Vinegar in super dmall amounts will raise the ph up some not sure how much and anything acidic should take it down some. Maybe a drop of lemon juice try if u dont have ph up or down. I rarely have to use ph up or down if i ise ro water or even the water that the dehumid collects. Are u using tap water also

Hmmm - vinegar is acidic. I use it to lower pH if I run out of AN-down

I am with @MidwestGuy. Your plants are open and sparse from what I can see. No need to defoliate. I would be more inclined tp try to even up / level out the canopy. Tie down the top growth tips or they will shoot up into your lights during stretch and leave every thing too far from the lights.

Ok maybe i have this backardz

I just keep ph up and down now. I didnt have it at beginning and someone told me use vinegar and something else for up and down. Kinda weird too as my ph up smells of vinegar bigtime

I know whatever is in ph down will burn the spit out of small cuts on fingers or if u r a nail biter. Man it burns like a mofo like battery acid

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That’s where my grow gets difficult, and I get sketched out because I don’t have much grow space to begin with, and I have absolutely no idea how, where, and what to use to tie down my plants with. I knew I’d most likely have to tie my plants down which will give me more overhead space to turn my lights up so the tops don’t get light burned, but I discovered today that I might have a hermie to trash which will open up some space so I’ll need tips as to how to tie down my plants without damaging them too much