Germination not going so good question

Still in the middle of first grow season. My first batch is on it’s way outside, most are doing great so far.

Queston is on the next set. I put 7 seeds from 4 strains in water. Plan was just like round 1, to transfer if they had good tails at 48 hours. Life took over and all 7 seeds spent 72 hours in the water. I noticed several (did not take the time to record which ones) had nice tails, but they were not floating any more, but transferred all to starter pots anyway.

I now have 7 cups where 1 has come up as expected, 1 that looks like it is trying, and 5 that appear to be deader than Caesar. I believe it was last Monday when they went into the water, Thursday when they came out, and now am at about the 5 day mark of looking for signs of life.

Still puzzled by the floating as opposed to sank to the bottom of the cup. Does it mean that I killed the seed when they sink? Kicking myself for not checking them at 48 hours, that is about where round one was when I planted them and they are mostly doing good 7 weeks later.

Still have several seeds left, going to try to fill in the gaps by trying the wet paper towel method. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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You didn’t do anything wrong. Some seeds just aren’t viable. I had an entire pack of Northern Lights do the same thing. I have bought 8 strains so far and some packs of 5 are all viable and some have 1 or 2 non-viable seeds. I always start more than what I want to finish with.

Wait a few more days to see if they pop. I have hadem show 10 plus days late. Thought dead.