GDP ready to rock?

Two GDP’s here around week 10 flowering (hard to say when it started, it’s my first grow… sprouted mid-January). Trinomes are turning milky, a little purple I think is starting to push through. Started flushing yesterday. I turned off the bloom light for a minute so the pictures would take lol. The buds on the plant to the right are getting so heavy the branches are starting to really bend and not sure how much more they can take. I was thinking of continuing the flush for a week and then harvesting. Should I trim more leaves? Did I trim too many? Learning experience for sure! Any thoughts/opinions would be very welcome please! TIA!


Looks good imo. I would leave them as they are, no more removing necessary. You need to look at the tricones, wait till they get amber. I am sure someone can put up a chart on when to harvest… great growing :bat: :rofl:


Unless you’ve over-fertilized, flushing only deprives the plant of needed nutrients.

I think you may be pushing the calendar a bit or flower cycle weeks is off.
I took these pictures of one of my GDP yesterday. Day 66 since flipping and 52 days of actually flowering.

The bud’s (calyx) trichomes are just now starting to cloud up.

With some amber on the sugar leaves

I am seeing more white pistils on your plant than on mine. I am thinking yours can go a bit longer and grow a little more before preparing it for harvest.
I feed (coco & Jacks) almost to the very end. I do not see a lot of value in flushing per se. I will water only the last week.
Good luck