Gathering information for ductless ventilation grow tent

Would this set up be considered an active air intake/exhaust system? I am looking at mini splits and would like to have the next setup be completely sealed off and ran with a ductless ventilation system as I’m looking to run CO2 with RDWC hydroponic set up. I would just like to know what I’m missing and what all I need, including finances, to get this type of grow set up. As I haven’t decided on how many pots in the system I want, I don’t know the exact sizing so just a general idea of equipment. I understand square footage plays directly in to what equipment I need, and therefore that drives up cost. In this venture, money is not an issue as long as I have time to work and acquire what I need. Any help from anyone that has that kind of set up would be great!

I did find information on a closed loop system so that helps me in answering my first question.

Also seeing where no tent is recommended but actual rooms. Does anyone use or recommend an outdoor greenhouse brand?