G13 having trouble

ok i started a few g13s 9 weeks ago have not started flower ones i started not 4 weeks ago are did they send wrong seeds ?

Did you order autos? We have seen autos take up to 12 weeks to flower.


yes autos

thing is i have 3 started 9 weeks ago none are flowering

You could try switching your lights to 12/12, this might help them transition to flower.

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How big are they? Will they outgrow their available space?

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the ones not flowering are outside

they are outside the new ones are not out yet

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Ive got a gorilla glue auto that didnt start flowering until week ten and when it started flowering she went hard at it just be patient or do the 12/12 to get them started

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2 g13 @ 23 days 1 ww at 4 all starting preflower

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