Frozen due to power outage

Entered the grow room this morning to find no heat or power. It was at least 12 hrs in below zero weather ( maybe 25 degrees in the room ). Plants were froze. I’m in the 2nd/3rd week of bloom. Just starting to see the spiked white hairs. Roots seem to have a little more warmth but plant is crisp as if it dried out. Should I kill them or try to continue with the grow? Help would be much appreciated!

I’d at least try to revive her. You have this much time into it, another week won’t hurt

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That’s a real kick in the fork, I feel for you. It can’t hurt to wait a day or two to see what happens when they de-frost but be prepared for the worst

I think I’d bring her in the bedroom and kick the wife outta the bed… Just saying. Lol give her a week see what she does. Man I’m s glad it don’t freeze down here…

Nah shes dead! Got some autoflowers the way to save some time.