Frozen Black Cherry

Has anyome tried growing this strain?
And woww 36% THC if grown well.
Also need to add uvb light :thinking:


Looking good

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@420JEFFRI welcome to the family my friend happy growing

I can’t even buy them. Not Anesia Seeds anyways. In the states it’s either send cash overseas or do a currency exchange. I’ve tried from like 9 different seedbanks. I’m trying to get their Future #1, Imperium X and this strain in particular.


@Borderryan22 ,
I was surprised to get mine through , and dam happy :grin:,
I pay in their currency with a currency exchange c card.
Its a pain most if not all places dont accept c card payment any more.
I cant wait to grow Frozen black cherry, i just need to reaserch using uvb light to get higher % thc.
Also running Do Si dos og before these.
Love High THC :dash::dash::dash:

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I have! I botched the first run by having a reveg misshap around week 4 due to one of my timers coming on for an hour half way through the dark cycle. However I tried to finish them off after correcting the timers but ended up chopping them a few weeks later anyway. I gifted the plants to my edibles chef and he dried and smoked a bud from it and was knocked hard lol. Said it was totally different from anything he’s tried in 21 years of being in the industry. I’ve just harvested some clones from 2 of the 3 phenos and they been in the drier a few days… Solid genetics, covered in frost and super sticky.

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Sorry. Where’s my manners lol. Welcome to the forum! I tagged you in on my journal, can see how the recent FBC run went and also did an Apricot Oreoz which I have started trimming.

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dam it @Hogbud , but woww :partying_face:
Sounds like heaven to me, thats why i started my indoor grow yo make concentrates.
And this strain is perfect for that.
I plan to run this strain forever more if it works out for me.
Thanks for your reply Hogbud.
This stuff is the bomb.

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Thanks heaps brother , i really appreciate that :dash::dash::dash:

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@SYLV3R most websites say they accept credit crd but they actually dont.

I now pay in bank transfer or with a money transfer card.


Right on. Thanks

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Put 3 into flower a couple of days back. Great looking plants with HUGE fan leaves, the advice to defoliate is good advice. Curious to see what the hype is all about, will post pics close to chop time.